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Your Client Wants to Be on TV. Your Agency Can Get Them There.

How your agency can unlock TV aspirations with CTV

Your Client Wants to Be on TV. Your Agency Can Get Them There.

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Everyone wants to be on TV. But for too long, TV advertising was relegated to large, multinational corporations who could produce billion-dollar campaigns, or smaller advertisers who could only afford low-reach time slots of late-night or early morning.

Connected TV advertising has changed all that. By combining the precision of digital marketing with the impact and prestige of TV, the platform finally makes TV targetable and measurement trackable. The result? Any brand can achieve its TV advertising dreams but at a digital advertising budget.

The problem—many brands haven’t realized this yet. And that’s how savvy agencies are stepping up and using CTV/OTT to unlock their clients’ television dreams.  

Join MNTN’s Chris Contreras, Senior VP of Customer Success, as he shows how agencies can craft the best media plan and provide the best return for their clients. Contreras will cover the tools, technology, and mindset needed to get the most out of CTV advertising, as well as how the platform can be a powerful performance channel for brands. Don’t miss out on this important webinar—RSVP now for free.

Why Agencies Are Connecting to CTV

For many agencies, CTV ads have been an opportunity to become a hero to their clients – especially small-to-mid-sized ones. The platform both represents another marketing channel that provides client value and offers a viable, scalable ad channel that can be applied to any part of the sales funnel. By showing brands how they can get on TV without the large, linear TV budgets, agencies are using CTV to open an avenue to TV advertising and legitimacy for brands of all sizes.

Further, Connected TV allows brands to target their ideal customer – ensuring that brand budget is only being spent on people likely to convert or engage. As today’s consumers continue to develop varied tastes, CTV empowers a brand to serve ads regardless of what show or network their target audience is watching. The result is your client is associated with their customers’ favorite shows and shown across multiple networks – elevating perceived brand value, reinforcing familiarity, and encouraging viewers to act. For organizations previously locked out of TV advertising, that kind of lift in legitimacy has been inspiring – and turned their agencies into heroes.

Like Social, But So Much More

One of the more attractive elements of CTV ads for brands is that it operates in similar function to paid search and social – but often outperforms them in terms of engagement. This has been welcome news for many advertisers as Facebook continues to lose its luster thanks to widespread outages and issues regarding reach and effectiveness. A recent Digiday and MNTN survey found that 41% of participating brands are reallocating their social budgets towards CTV, the second-highest category behind linear.

And it’s not just advertisers ditching social for CTV – 37% of CTV viewers say they distrust social more than ever, and 60% of consumers prefer to watch content on CTV over social media. CTV enables agencies to look like heroes by solving the diversification dilemma plaguing brands – all while providing a better return on ad spend.

Maximizing CTV’s Power

As CTV continues to surge in popularity with both viewers and brands, it’s not surprising that there is no shortage of CTV advertising platforms to choose from. What may be more surprising is just how drastically different they may all be. Not all CTV platforms are created the same – many still treat the technology like its linear TV forebearer, focusing mostly on impressions and reach. But like buying a sports car and never going above 20mph, that’s missing out on CTV’s real power.

The key to maximizing CTV lies in applying a performance mindset – embracing CTV’s strengths, taking full advantage of its insights, and leveraging its tools. By looking for advertising platforms that apply the same performance mindset with regards to reporting, insights, and performance marketing metrics like CPA and ROAS, you can build campaigns optimized towards performance and provide transparent data on what’s working to your clients. No more playing with numbers, tying in sales projects, or fielding client questions over performance and ROI.

How to Apply a Performance Mindset

So how does an agency find the right tools and apply a performance mindset? And what do you need to get up and running on CTV for your clients? Don’t let CTV’s strengths turn into roadblocks – create a solid media plan and learn how to maximize the platform with How a Performance Mindset Elevates CTV Media Planning. Join us to learn everything you need to unlock your clients’ TV ambitions on the most powerful ad platform today.