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An Untapped Opportunity: Why B2B Brands Should Embrace Connected TV

Differentiate Your Brand and Build Brand Equity with CTV

An Untapped Opportunity: Why B2B Brands Should Embrace Connected TV

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B2B marketers have been stuck with the same ad channels for a while now. The good news? There is a proven playbook for B2B brands that works. The bad news? Because it works, everyone follows it. The result is that B2B brands have a crowded space to cut through to get noticed. Thankfully we have the solution.

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The Current B2B Landscape

B2B brands are in a unique situation with regards to marketing. Because they don’t have as many options – or as big of budgets – as most B2C brands, B2B organizations tend to focus on a playbook of channels and strategies that have proven to work time and time again. Your brand likely uses the same methods, which include:

  • Event marketing (both physical and virtual)
  • Email
  • Paid search
  • LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Informative content like webinars, white papers, blogs or case studies

These methods are used by B2B brands because they work, allowing marketers to find and reach their specific audiences easily. Some of these platforms and strategies, like LinkedIn and paid search, are a necessity for any business operating today. But other strategies are utilized routinely thanks to their familiarity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

The problem is that every other B2B brand, including your competition, uses these same methods. Think about how many LinkedIn posts you see daily, or how many emails you receive from brands. The B2B marketing landscape is crowded and noisy, and it’s getting busier every day.

Building Brand Equity

Business owners know that B2B purchases are made thanks to product performance and differentiation from the competition. When you are battling for prospects’ attention in a crowded space, it becomes significantly harder for your brand to amplify differentiation and value. In a world of fierce competition on a global scale, building brand equity – the value a brand and its offerings bring to a company – matters more than ever.

Unlike B2C, B2B brand equity is complex and multi-faceted. The products are typically costlier, implementation is more involved, and there are more stakeholders in the purchase decision process. Companies pursuing B2B solutions are also putting their trust in the brand – after all, a faulty product or service could have significant financial repercussions for an organization using it. For all of these reasons, recognizable brands have a tremendous marketplace advantage – and provide a bigger challenge for their competitors.

Connected TV: Standing Out From the B2B Pack

So we know that B2B brands have a steep hill to climb. They’re trying to build brand equity and recognition in a crowded space, using the same strategies as their competitors to sell complex products to a smaller market on a limited budget. That’s why savvy B2B brands are pursuing Connected TV to differentiate their brand.

Traditionally, TV has been unrivaled in capturing audience attention. It’s great for telling stories that inspire and effectively demonstrate value. Unfortunately, linear TV advertising isn’t suitable for most B2B brands’ performance campaigns, thanks to its targeting and measurement limitations – meaning you’re less likely to hit your intended business market. Further, traditional linear TV is cost-prohibitive, and most B2B brands do not have the major budgets necessary to generate non-performance outcomes.

With Connected TV, and MNTN’s Performance TV, brands can efficiently target and track campaign performance, serving ads to a specific audience. Your B2B brand can reach your target audience after-hours as they relax with their favorite shows – and since you’re advertising alongside B2C brands, you’ll stand out further when the viewer realizes they’re seeing an ad that applies to their business. This creates a powerful opportunity for B2B brands to strengthen their brand equity and enhance their recognition on a unique platform that isn’t crowded and full of receptive viewers.

Even More Opportunities Await

There are even more benefits and opportunities for B2B brands using Connected TV advertising. Our upcoming webinar will explain these topics in-depth and answer your questions during a live Q&A. You won’t want to miss this – register now to secure your spot.