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Let's talk Performance TV - Here's our latest MNTN content snapshot.

Hot Off the Press

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September marks big things for MNTN, and our calendar is packed to the brim with partnerships alongside some of the industry’s greats including Variety, Adweek and eTail. On the content front, our Chief Growth Officer talks shop with Bloomberg in an exclusive interview. In thought leadership news, Nielsen gets yet another slap on the wrist, opening the door for media companies to pursue new methods of TV measurement. We also teamed up with Oracle to provide some insight on how B2B brands can jump aboard the CTV advertising train by using the right audience strategies. Oh, and we’re giving a sneak preview into our very first panel discussion with Maximum Effort. Finally, we answer your top five FAQ about Connected TV.

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CTV and the Social Media Mindset: Maximum Effort’s Approach to Bringing Creativity Back to Advertising

Can advertisers do more with less in the Golden Age of TV advertising?

Read the blog post here.

How NBCUniversal Just Shook Up the Industry by Breaking Up With Nielsen

NBCU looks to build a new measurement ecosystem that reflects the future.

Read the blog post here.

Moving MNTN – “Mad Men and a Tech Platform All Wrapped in One”

We break down the basics on how Cross-Device Verified Visits makes tracking your Performance TV campaigns impJoanne Bradford, Chief Growth Officer of MNTN talks to Bloomberg about how the company is gearing up for growth and making CTV advertising accessible to all brands.

Watch the video here.

“B2B Marketers Can Do Better”: Why CTV Needs to be in Your Marketing Playbook

 MNTN and Oracle chat with MarketingProfs about B2B on CTV

Read the blog post here.

MNTN + Quora Digest

Answers to the top Connected TV questions found on Quora

Read the blog post here.

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