Offsetting the Supply Chain Crisis, Ad Dollars Moving to CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Offsetting the Supply Chain Crisis, Ad Dollars Moving to CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week there was a lot of industry news for marketers to stay on top of. So to make it easier to find the top headlines from the past few days, we created this roundup of the Marketing news that caught our attention. 

In Mobile and Digital marketing news, the continued supply chain crisis has been causing distribution problems for many brands and industries. This has the unfortunate effect of impacting prices and leading to sticker shock for consumers. Luckily, Adweek has some recommendations to help offset these issues with a focus on playing the long game and leaning in to customer loyalty. One of their suggestions is to create a winning mobile experience (after all, 187.5 million Americans use mobile to shop). By creating a frictionless  mobile or in-app experience, brands can capitalize on the fact that 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience. Adweek also recommends offering meaningful rewards to customers for repeat purchases – making it easier to retain their loyalty while we weather this supply chain crisis and the subsequent inflation it’s been causing. 

And in Connected TV news, another brand is looking to take advantage of the power of this channel in the upcoming year. Drizly, an alcohol delivery brand, recently announced that they will be investing the majority of their ad dollars into linear and streaming. In an interview with Digiday, Drizly CMO Scott Braun stated, “We are trying to understand what the return on investment is from TV not just in terms of awareness but what are we actually driving for the bottom line from TV.” In previous years, Drizly focused their advertising efforts on channels like paid search and social. But with the recent changes to the privacy landscape, along with promising results with tests run on TV and CTV, the brand has made the decision to join brands like 7-Eleven and Monster and move their ad dollars to the big screen.

Check out the list below to see the rest of the articles that made waves this week. 


Using Data and Outreach for a Progressive Digital Marketing Strategy – With the pace of technology evolving rapidly, many digital marketing pros are advocating for a more progressive and experimental approach.  

Travel and Experience Brands, Don’t Sleep on this Supply Chain Crisis – Despite what it may seem, the last several years have seen an interesting rise in consumer behavior – the increasing interest in travel and experiences over products.   

Publishers Can’t Afford to Be Distracted by First-Party Data – Publishers and platforms alike are increasingly aware of the value in their first-party data. In a world with limited cookies and identifiers, first-party data sourced from a clear value exchange with a site visitor becomes one of the safest ways to understand behavior and deliver targeted media.  

Why Digital Marketing Is Just Like Dating – Don’t expect to win on the very first ad or promotion; develop a relationship and get to know one another. 

The Fundamentals of a Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy – Drum outlines three simple and intuitive recommendations to ensure that you are getting the basics right when it comes to developing and delivering cross-channel strategies.

Why the Metaverse could be a Breakthrough in Privacy-Compliant Digital Marketing – Through cookie alternatives and lessons learned from past digital marketing efforts, brands can hit reset on privacy in the metaverse. 


What Insiders Say Your CTV Strategies Should Look Like in 2022 – The meteoric rise of CTV this year was the topic of conversation for every brand and performance marketer, as the platform changed how ads are created, advertising budgets are shifted, and marketing departments are structured. 

The Key Players In The CTV OS Ecosystem – And What They’re After – As the hunger for Connected TVs grows among consumers, more and more gatekeepers of the CTV world explore new OS frontiers. Despite the existing variability in CTV software, there’s still no clear leader in the space. 

Convergence Will Drive The Future Of Linear And Digital TV Advertising – Digital and television advertising – once culturally and technologically divergent ecosystems – are finally converging to improve how marketers target and reach consumers.

CTV Now the ‘Biggest Single Channel’ of Advertising for Drizly – Linear and connected TV is now “the biggest single channel” that Drizly is investing its advertising dollars in. The alcohol delivery service isn’t simply focused on boosting brand awareness but on taking a “branded response” approach to advertising on TV and CTV. 


LinkedIn launches #TheTeammates TikTok campaign – The campaign aims to help people just entering the workforce find their way with the help of LinkedIn’s trusted “teammates” – local cohorts of TikTok creators who will share career advice and provide an honest and light-hearted take on work culture. 

Tips For Driving Sales Despite Supply Chain Ramifications – Restaurants, grocers and retailers of all kinds this year have been dealing with a scarcity of products in the supply chain due to a lack of everything from labor to shipping containers and air-freight capacity. 

Mobile Phone Market Size to Grow by 551.42 mn from 2020 to 2025 – The mobile phone market is expected to grow by 551.42 mn units from 2020 to 2025. This market forecast report by Technavio can help organizations make confident business decisions using research and analysis by experts.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.