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So Long, Agencies: Why Brands Are Shifting CTV Advertising In-House

Brands are also cutting the cord – with agencies

So Long, Agencies: Why Brands Are Shifting CTV Advertising In-House

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Interested in breaking the agency cycle and bringing your media capabilities in-house? You’re not alone. According to a new Forrester Consulting study that interviewed 300 U.S. marketing leaders, nearly half of all marketers want to have control of their media advertising – but a lack of resources, knowledge, and a reluctance to shake up the model is holding them back.

Thankfully, a solution to these challenges already exists – and many brands are using it to get back control of their advertising. Welcome home, Connected TV.

Why The In-House Interest

So what’s driving so many brands to want to bring their advertising in-house? Study respondents listed a desire for greater transparency, control over data, and assurance of compliance with privacy regulations as their biggest motivators. It’s not surprising why – in today’s connected world, brands want to have 24/7 access to campaign metrics, be able to control the messaging, and ensure they’re spending their money wisely. The rise of CTV ad scams – many of which can fly under the radar if a campaign isn’t being monitored closely – has accelerated this interest.

This shift is so important to marketers that 40% ranked “improving internal media capabilities” as their top objective – followed closely by “implementing advanced technology” and “improving quality of consumer insights.” 90% of marketers in the Forrester study said they expect to have at least some responsibility over all areas of media, and 64% plan to bring their media capabilities in-house gradually. 

But Brands Don’t Want to Do It Alone

While the Forrester study found large interest in brands bringing media capabilities in-house, only 30% of marketers wanted to completely manage their media on their own. Social, CTV advertising, search, and other programmatic advertising avenues were reported as the ones marketers want to manage directly, with linear TV advertising, radio, or print buying more likely to be handled by outside agencies. So how does a brand bring their media in-house but not run all of it themselves?

The solution lies in third-party software solutions that provide everything a brand needs to handle their programmatic advertising themselves. As brands take away media responsibilities from traditional media agencies, they lean heavily on these demand-side platforms or data and analytics tools to help them cover any resource and knowledge gaps.

Bringing it Home with Performance TV

So you’re looking to bring your CTV ads back in-house, don’t want to completely manage it alone, and are looking for a third-party solution to help. Simple, right? Unfortunately, like everything in life, not all solutions are created equal. That’s where premium CTV platforms like MNTN Performance TV come in.

Performance TV delivers the powerful storytelling of TV ads with the laser-precision targeting and real-time feedback of digital marketing — all served exclusively on premium channels and on the biggest screen in the house. Transparency-friendly features like Cross-Device Verified Visits mean you can see who’s visiting your website after seeing an ad (regardless of what household device they use), and full Google Analytics integration allows you to see how your CTV ad performs alongside your other campaigns.

The result is a robust platform that ensures ads are delivered to the right audience, provides comprehensive performance marketing metrics, proves ad dollars are being maximized – and most importantly, gives the power back to the brands. 

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