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    Connected TV

    Who’s Your Audience? Mother’s Day Edition

    We share some of the weird, wonderful and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

    Who’s Your Audience? Mother’s Day Edition

    3 Min Read

    While Q4 might be lauded as the biggest season for advertisers, we’re never one to discount the ‘slower’ Ever plugged in the words ‘Mother’s Day’ into your web browser, with only pages of online search results pertaining to gift guides and shopping recommendations? This is all well and good for consumers, but it’s not so helpful for an advertiser trying to reach them. Our monthly audience series has set out to change all of that, one season (and shopping holiday) at a time. Now that we’re well into spring, we’re turning our attention to the third-largest retail holiday in the US (following the Q4 and back-to-school season), Mother’s Day.

    This is a special holiday that transcends ethnic, religious, and cultural lines and is celebrated across the world in more than 50 countries. It’s also one of the most diverse shopping holidays out there, whether you’re celebrating mom, mom-to-be, a sister, aunt, grandmother, or any mother figure in your life. The numbers don’t lie, either. Both overall and per-person spending has been on the increase since 2018 and is expected to break records this year. Specifically, younger consumers are contributing more to overall spend—consumers aged 25-34 are spending on average $367.08 ($99 more than the year prior). 

    Scroll down below to view a few unconventional audience segments that you might not have considered, for your upcoming Mother’s Day CTV marketing campaigns.

    Audience Name: Local Restaurant Diners

    Audience Provider: Oracle

    Why they’re valuable: Apparently the best way to a mom’s heart is through the stomach, too—restaurant-related searches increased 46% YoY the week of Mother’s Day. 

    Audience Name: Spas

    Audience Provider: Zipline

    Why they’re valuable: Mom’s the word…but so is ‘spa.’ According to a study from Microsoft, spas were the second most clicked gift last year.

    Audience Name: Free Shipping

    Audience Provider: MRI

    Why they’ve valuable: Almost half of  shoppers (47%) ranked expedited or free shipping as one of the biggest drivers to make a purchase this Mother’s Day.

    Audience Name: Online Shopping

    Audience Provider: Media Source

    Why they’re valuable: Sorry, brick and mortar stores. This year, 84% of shoppers will be doing some or all of their Mother’s Day shopping online.

    Audience Name: Brick and Mortar

    Audience Provider: Experian

    Why they’re valuable: Millennials contribute to the highest percentage of Mother’s Day spending—and while the majority shop online, 40% of them prefer to shop in-store.

    Audience Name: Shop Smart(phone)

    Audience Provider: Oracle

    Why they’re valuable: Millennials also use their smartphones for purchases—50% use mobile devices to both research products and reviews, versus 21% of non-millennials.

    If you’d like us to feature a specific area, send us your suggestions at audiences@mountain.com and we might feature them in an upcoming edition.