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Why CTV is an Essential Part of Every Advertiser’s Toolkit

From Optimization to Ad Buys, MNTN Shares the Hidden Perks of CTV with Adweek

Why CTV is an Essential Part of Every Advertiser’s Toolkit

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Today’s marketers know that Connected TV flipped the advertising game by marrying the storytelling of linear TV with the targeting precision and analytics of digital marketing. But what’s less known is just how many hidden benefits there are to CTV. We’re talking about perks that make better ads, better advertisers, and even better linear TV campaigns.

MNTN’s SVP of Customer Success and all-around CTV expert, Chris Contreras, recently sat down with Adweek to share how CTV has opened new doors, changed expectations for brand marketers – and took a look at some hidden capabilities of the platform. If you missed it, a recording of the webinar can be found here – or you can keep on reading for just a few of the insights Chris shared.

Viewers – and Marketers – Love CTV

The conversation kicked off with a look at why CTV is so popular with viewers – and why advertisers need to think of it as its own channel and not an extension of linear TV. Annually, brand marketers spend over $13.41 billion on CTV ads, and 30% of all U.S. consumers are expected to cut the cord by end of the year. “Viewers love CTV because it’s all about choice,” Contreras explained. “CTV offers the viewer a broad range of different choices that they can make. People are choosing to watch specific content at a specific time – and advertisers have to think about how to message to that audience because they’re not just bored and flipping channels anymore.”

Because the user makes a conscious choice to watch a show on a CTV platform, advertisers should focus on driving unique messaging that resonates. “Brands should think more strategically with how to target the right audience at the right time – and CTV allows that. We believe that when brands are able to target their audience and their messaging is tight, the conversions are through the roof,”  he explained.

CTV Enables Creative Optimization

The benefits of CTV extend beyond targeting specific audiences and delivering ads during their favorite shows. Premium CTV platforms like MNTN Performance TV also give you valuable insights on what’s working– allowing advertisers to refine their messaging on the fly. “We want people to have the data to make informed decisions,” Contreras explained. “The data you get on your ideal audience’s reaction lets you know what’s working and enriches performance optimization.”

As an example, he pointed to a recent MNTN ad campaign that we ran using Performance TV’s built-in A/B testing for creative. One ad showed our Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Reynolds, talking directly to the camera. The other ad just had his voice narrating a video montage. We naturally assumed the video displaying Ryan’s famous face would perform better – but the insights provided us wrong. Surprisingly, the voice-over ad was significantly more popular.  Our campaign switched to the more effective ad immediately, and we reaped the benefits – including several valuable prospects requesting a demo. It was a lesson that could only be learned with CTV’s real-time feedback. “Normally, tweaking the messaging to fit what an audience is telling you is done after a post-campaign brand study, but CTV gives you that perspective with consumer behavior now,” explained Conteras.

CTV Empowers Linear Campaigns, Too

Contreras acknowledged that despite all of CTV’s benefits with targeting and analytics, linear TV campaigns are still a must for many brands. But thanks to CTV’s real-time analytics discussed above, you can use the platform to creatively optimize your messaging before applying it to linear TV ads. “Brands love being able to test the impact of ads on CTV,” Chris said. By seeing what’s working – and tracking conversions through features like Cross-Device Verified Visits – brands on CTV can experiment with A/B testing to find the most effective messaging before applying it to the more costly (and less agile) linear TV campaigns. It’s a strategy that saves time, money, and ensures you’re hitting the ground running for high-profile linear TV buys (like sporting events or awards shows).

And speaking of ad buys, here’s another hidden perk of CTV: it lets you know what networks to pursue. For example, MNTN’s Performance TV comes with network-level reporting, giving you marketing metrics on where your audience is watching. As a result, you get real-time feedback on what networks your audience watched your ads, as well as if the ads led to a conversion or website visit – helping to inform future linear TV ad buys.

One Platform, Many Uses 

This is just scratching the surface of what was covered in the webinar, but the fact is that CTV is becoming an essential addition to every advertiser’s toolbelt – for reasons both widely known and not. “CTV is an entryway into a traditionally cost-prohibitive TV market,” Chris noted. “It behooves advertisers to use this space to drive performance-based marketing.”