Why the Release of CaaS™ Solves the iOS Updates for All Performance Marketers

Creative-as-a-Subscription makes producing CTV creative simple, accessible, and perfect for performance marketers

Why the Release of CaaS™ Solves the iOS Updates for All Performance Marketers

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Thanks to Apple’s privacy updates, it’s been a YEAR for performance marketers who rely on Facebook to drive revenue. While many marketers turned to Performance TV to deliver and measure the conversions they lost in the great iOS reset, advertisers with limited budgets for TV commercials weren’t able to fully take advantage of this new growth channel. 

But all of that is about to change, thanks to CaaS (Creative-as-a-Subscription).

Facebook’s Not So Great Year in Review

Earlier this year, Apple updated its iOS and opted users out of in-app tracking, leaving performance marketers with a hindered platform that could no longer deliver the results they needed.

According to Bloomberg, iPhone users are still only “giving apps permission to track their behavior just 25% of the time,” which severely limits Facebook’s ability to find audiences that are likely to convert, retarget those audiences, and drive them to make purchases. Some marketers have reported a 40% drop in performance, and Facebook’s VP of Ads and Business Products, Dan Levy, specifically noted that small businesses are seeing an even bigger dip in performance

In addition — and just as concerning—this update made it more difficult for Facebook to properly measure conversions. Marketers continue to see major reporting discrepancies between Facebook’s Business Manager and Google Analytics, making it harder than ever to make data-driven decisions.

For growth marketers, drops in performance and holes in attribution are undeniable problems. So, many advertisers sought out new channels to drive—and measure—the conversions they were losing. 

Performance TV Solved the iOS Speed Bump for Some Marketers

Fortunately, the rise of Performance TV offered a necessary alternative for marketers looking to drive the high return on ad spend they were used to getting with Facebook. 

For those less familiar, Performance TV turns CTV into a channel that functions like paid search and social—empowering marketers to launch and measure audience-targeted campaigns that focus on conversions and revenue.

And since Performance TV doesn’t use in-app data to target and retarget thousands of high-conversion audiences or measure attribution, growth marketers were able shift their strategies to this new channel without worrying about iOS updates affecting their buys. They could instead turn TV screens into high-performing devices to serve their ads.

It turned out to be a great—and necessary—solution for marketers with high performance CTV ads. 

But what about the marketers without CTV / OTT ads? Or the marketers stuck with a limited number of CTV ads that were originally produced for upper funnel objectives? 

Enter Creative-as-a-Subscription, or CaaS, which makes CTV advertising accessible by bundling media and creative together. By streamlining the CTV ad creative process, it unlocks CTV for all advertisers—even those who currently lack access to the right creative. 

CaaS Finally Solves the iOS Updates for All Marketers

On December 6th, MNTN officially launched CaaS—the first ever solution that offers a continuous supply of performance-optimized CTV creative, bundled together with marketers’ media buys. 

In the same way Performance TV breaks down traditional barriers to running TV ads, CaaS finally throws out old creative dynamics, giving all marketers easy access to produce great video creatives together with their media investment. 

With the creative barrier to entry removed, all marketers can now use Connected TV as a performance channel. Together, CaaS and Performance TV fill the need left by paid social’s recent iOS-born issues, replacing it with strong, consistent campaign performance. This should be good news for marketers still reeling from Facebook’s targeting and attribution issues. 

So yes, 2021 was a tough year for performance marketers. But with Performance TV becoming more accessible than ever, 2022 is looking a whole lot better.