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Luxury Hotel & Resort

Luxurious Caribbean Resort Drives New Traffic with MNTN Performance TV

This leading hotel & resort provides unmatched luxury with an authentic leisure experience. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to raise awareness of their new resort and educate their audience on what their island paradise had to offer.




Cost Per Visit


Site Visit Rate


Cost Per Completed View


Drive Site Traffic & Awareness

Having recently opened a new resort complex, this leading luxury resort was looking to increase brand recognition and site traffic. They needed to educate their audience on what the island and its new resort had to offer – and needed the right ad channel to deliver their message.


MNTN Performance TV

They turned to Performance TV to reach audiences they knew would be interested in booking a stay at their new resort. Performance TV’s targeting capabilities were leveraged to reach high-income, luxury travelers with interest in traveling to the Caribbean or beach destinations. This allowed the brand to deliver a specific message highlighting the excitement and amenities of their new resort to viewers who would naturally be interested.

Once the CTV advertising campaign launched, Performance TV allowed them to track their campaign’s performance with a level of precision usually reserved for pure digital campaigns. Performance TV’s reporting suite gave them in-depth insight into metrics like site visit rate, CPA, cost per completed view, ROAS and more. MNTN’s Verified Visits technology helped track their customers’ cross-device journeys, as they viewed the ad while streaming, and then hopped to other connected devices to visit the website. All this ensured the hotel & resort knew exactly who saw their ads, and what actions they took afterwards — giving them a full picture of their campaign’s impact.

The Results

Great Cost per Visit

The luxury resort leveraged MNTN Performance TV to deliver their message and drive the right audience to their site. They saw an excellent cost per completed view of $0.05, which allowed them to efficiently deliver their entire message. And that ad delivery paid off, with a strong cost per visit and cost per acquisition that let them efficiently spend their budget to hit their overall goals.

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Princess Polly

Princess Polly was looking for a way to maximize their ad spend during the 2021 holiday season. They were seeing diminishing returns from other performance channels thanks to the evolving data landscape. Connected TV, specifically MNTN’s Performance TV, offered an opportunity to share their message and accurately reach their various targets across the sales funnel and align with their holiday goals.

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Rumpl was looking for an ad solution to help drive new customer acquisition and wanted to test Connected TV as a high-impact channel. With Performance TV, the results far exceeded their expectations and Rumpl decided to deepen their relationship with MNTN and opt into the Creative-as-a-Subscription opportunity.

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Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks chose MNTN Performance TV because it would allow them to effectively target the right audiences with their narrative-driven, timely creative strategy and transform premium television into a revenue-driving channel. 

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Reeds Jewelers

By refreshing their Performance TV creatives in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, Reeds Jewelers showcased how brands can effectively use MNTN Performance TV to take advantage of seasonality and drive better results for their evergreen efforts.

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National Business Furniture

By shifting their investment from display to MNTN Performance TV, National Business Furniture not only discovered their most effective performance channel—they improved the effectiveness of their entire marketing program.

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Email and SMS Marketing

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Plenty of Fish

This leading dating app wanted to add a new performance channel that could generate direct-response results in line with their paid search and social efforts. They turned to MNTN to drive measurable performance, while also delivering higher-level brand awareness and perception messaging via television.

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It’s rare when you see an ad tech brand feature itself in a case study. Is that because it can come off a little self-aggrandizing? Maybe. But this story perfectly illustrates why Performance TV is an effective piece of B2B marketers’ media strategy (and also, it’s just too good not to share). So, we’re going to do it anyway.   This leading Connected TV ad tech firm (that’s us) was looking to reach a B2B audience and drive qualified users to our site. We leveraged two of the most effective means of capturing prospects’ attention available to advertisers today: Performance TV, and the star power of our Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Reynolds. Turns out, one is far more effective than the other. 

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On-Demand Fitness Platform

This leading gym and fitness brand developed CTV ad creative with user-generated content sourced from their social channels, then launched their Performance TV prospecting campaign to generate impressive new site traffic at an efficient cost per visit.

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Dagne Dover

As a company that prides itself on “making bags for humans getting the most out of life,” Dagne Dover needed campaign performance that would get the most out of their budget. They turned to Performance TV retargeting to drive direct-response conversions and revenue.

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Lighting New York

MNTN Performance TV retargeting allowed them to elevate their campaign performance beyond what display-only retargeting could offer by serving viewers high-quality video ads on Connected TV, and also reaching those same viewers across web and mobile with dynamic MNTN Muli-Touch ads—all from a single campaign.

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Bicycle Retailer

This leading premium pre-owned bike retailer expanded their digital advertising repertoire with MNTN Performance TV to drive measurable performance.

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EyeBuyDirect, the leading online retailer of fine and fashionable eyewear, drove consistent, strong traffic to their website to help fuel their lower funnel campaigns. The brand leveraged Connected TV in collaboration with MNTN Performance TV and Magnite to get the job done.

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This accredited online university delivers high-quality, outcomes-oriented higher education to close the gap between opportunity and affordability, and is designed around the needs of students to give them the flexibility and freedom to study at their own pace. The institution had garnered a steady stream of traffic to their website and wanted to find a new way to drive more traffic, and ultimately more enrollments into their university programs.

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TV Sports Network

This leading sports network is the go-to destination for games, score, stats, news and more for all of Florida’s most beloved teams. Looking to increase viewership for their NBA lineup, they turned to Performance TV to get more hoops fans to tune in. 

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Wine & Spirits

The holidays can be a hectic time, which is why this leading wine & spirits retailer wanted to raise awareness around their pick-up and delivery options during the busy festive season. They turned to Performance TV to reach the right audience, spread their message, and drive shoppers through the marketing funnel.

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Home Supplies

Looking to expand on their existing lower-funnel efforts, this leader in home supply added Performance TV Retargeting to their media mix. Leveraging all the targeting and measurement capabilities of display retargeting, combined with an HD ad format served on television, Performance TV delivered better results vs. display retargeting.

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This brick and mortar restaurant has a cult following for their Chicago-style hot dogs. Looking to harness the power of direct response marketing and the reach of TV advertising, they turned to Performance TV to help them achieve measurable results.

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Ecommerce Retailer

This leading retailer builds innovative and award-winning performance products for all types of outdoor and work environments. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to drive measurable revenue both online and at key locations.

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Auto Parts Retailer

This leading automotive aftermarket parts provider serves both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, and was looking for a new way to raise brand awareness and motivate customers to visit in-store or online. They turned to MNTN Performance TV to reach viewers in a place they hadn’t previously – on Connected TV.

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Subscription Box Service

On a mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry by challenging conventional storytelling, this subscription service gives people the chance to solve a murder mystery using high-quality, hand crafted clues that are shipped right to their front door. They turned to Performance TV to help them drive conversions and increase revenue by reaching new users.

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Gift Card Retailer

This eCommerce retailer wanted to institute an awareness campaign for their Q4 product launch. They leveraged MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Subscription Software

This subscription based SAAS leader was struggling to efficiently introduce their new brand and pricing model to a mass audience. They leveraged MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Travel Booking

This travel booking site wanted to efficiently reach key demographics with highly-targeted TV creative. They decided to leverage MNTN Performance TV to ensure their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Mattress Retailer

This leading mattress retailer wanted to tell a compelling story while capturing site traffic and conversions. They decided to leverage MNTN Performance TV, ensuring their ads found consumers when and where they were watching.

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Tulalip Resort Casino

This Seattle-based resort and casino offers guests gaming, luxury accommodations, entertainment, fine dining, and more. They came to MNTN with the goal of expanding their reach and driving awareness among a key audience, and enjoyed immense success as they saw measurable increases in site traffic driven by Connected TV.

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Subscription Meal Service

This leader in home food delivery provides certified organic meals to customers every week. Looking to expand their audience and reach new potential customers with existing video content, they turned to MNTN and Performance TV.

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