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    The Advertising World

    There’s a lot going on in the world of advertising. Check out the stories, guides, and news that affect the industry.

    The Sky’s the Limit: Ad Opportunities in a Post-COVID World

    How advertisers can uncover hidden opportunities and meet new customer expectations in a post-COVID landscape.

    5 Min Read

    It’s Prime Time, Baby

    5 Min Read

    We’ve heard many advertisers say that “Streaming is great, but we prefer to do prime time advertising on broadcast TV.” If anything is considered high stakes, it’s this approach. The advent of Connected TV has redefined the meaning of prime time.

    4 Min Read

    Verizon Ducks Out on Digital Ads with Yahoo, AOL Sale

    4 Min Read

    You need vision and the will to see it through to compete with Google and Facebook. It cost Verizon billions of dollars to learn that lesson.

    5 Min Read

    Nielsen vs. the VAB: Much Ado About Nothing

    5 Min Read

    If you haven’t been following the latest drama going down in the TV advertising world, we’ll get you up to speed real quick.  Nielsen, the biggest name in TV measurement, recently reported that ratings dropped for major broadcast and cable television networks. This would be a significant reversal of a major pandemic trend. TV saw […]

    The Latest Connected TV News

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      5 Min Read

      The Travel Boom is Coming – What’s Your Ad Strategy?

      5 Min Read

      The world is reopening and millions will be venturing out on vacations—that means a major opportunity for travel advertisers.

      5 Min Read

      AT&T Unloads DirecTV, Putting Focus on HBO MAX and Connected TV

      5 Min Read

      AT&T's move to unload DirecTV, while investing more into HBO MAX shows that the pendulum is swinging hard toward Connected TV.

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