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    Consumers Are Trying New Streaming Services During The Pandemic

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    Consumers Are Trying New Streaming Services During The Pandemic

    2 Min Read

    With Americans spending more time than ever in front of their devices at home, it can come as no surprise that they are choosing to expand their streaming options. New research from Unruly showed that 42% of consumers are spending ‘a lot more time’ watching Connected TV content since the start of the pandemic. They also report that more than one-third of consumers have added a new ad-supported streaming service to their Connected TV viewing habits, and that 79% of consumers say they will continue to add more. 

    However, even as Connected TV content consumption rises, many marketers are still failing to take advantage of the powerful targeting and performance of this channel. In 2020, only 3.5% of marketers’ total ad spend will go to CTV as an ad channel. And with 73% of US consumers saying they would prefer to watch their favorite shows for free with ads rather than pay for an ad-free experience, marketers who haven’t added this channel to their marketing mixes are missing out on getting their ads in front of potential customers.

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