Start Driving Performance With Your Video Ads

If you’re trying to generate measurable, impactful results with video ads, you need Performance TV. Join other top-tier brands that have put their YouTube creative to work with MNTN Digital—get started today.

MNTN Performance TV vs. YouTube.

There’s no doubting Google’s performance marketing bonafides. But when it comes to driving performance with video advertising, their YouTube offering just doesn’t cut it. If you’re trying to drive measurable impact with your video ads—here’s what you need to know.

Top 5 Reasons to Look Beyond YouTube for Performance

YouTube’s user experience, ad delivery, and mixed-bag of content just do not provide the right platform for performance.

To unlock your video ads’ potential, you need a combination of the right ad channel and technology. That means leveraging a platform fully equipped with intelligent automated media buying that guarantees your ads serve exclusively on top-tier Connected TV networks and apps.

Don’t make the mistake of turning to YouTube to drive performance—here are the top 5 reasons why you need a better solution.

01 Ad Environment

Looking for ad engagement?

YouTube Ads

“No one wants to watch a 20 second ad before a one minute video.”

YouTube has an attention span problem. The vast majority of YouTube content is consumed on mobile, and their short form content is tailor-made to be quickly consumed then forgotten—so why wouldn’t the same apply to its ads? Especially when most are skippable.

  • 0%+

    of YouTube watch time is on mobile devices1

  • 0%

    of all users skip ads on YouTube2

  • 0%

    of mobile users skip ads

MNTN Performance TV

You need an engaging ad environment.

MNTN Performance TV ads serve exclusively alongside long-form, episodic programming on Connected TV. Viewers are engaged and committed to watching their show, which means they’re willing to watch an ad.

  • Unskippable ads ensure your message is delivered in its entirety

  • 0%

    Average completion rate on MNTN Performance TV

02 Performance

Looking for video ad performance?

YouTube Ads

"Stop pretending YouTube is a performance channel. It's not."

There’s a reason YouTube is prioritized as a brand marketing channel. It’s ultimately not built to drive user action—their list of key metrics for video ads doesn’t include a single one that measures bottom-line impact.3 And while they track click performance, their average CTR (which is inflated due to accidental clicks) is 74% lower vs. a true Google performance product: search.

The Wall Street Journal - YouTube's Chase for Streaming-TV Ad Dollars Faces Hurdles MarTech Today - YouTube testing ad buying tool that lets you reserve ad placement 120 days out Marketing Land - Google: Still 'early days' for performance advertising on YouTube Digiday - YouTube's push for TV ad dollars is hurting its business right now
  • 0%

    Average YouTube view rate4

  • 0%

    Average CTR

  • $0.10 - $0

    Average CPV5

MNTN Performance TV

You want a platform built for performance.

Performance TV’s unskippable ads deliver your message in full at an extremely efficient cost per completed view. And with nearly 9 in 10 viewers using a second digital device while watching TV,6 data shows 65% of viewers use their second screen to look up a product they see advertised while streaming.7

  • 0%

    Average ad completion rate

  • $0

    CPV for both :15 and :30 ads

  • 0%

    Average site visit rate

03 Measurement

Looking to measure TV's impact?

YouTube Ads

“YouTube can’t—or won’t—show you the journey from a TV impression to a website visit.”

YouTube is pivoting to content streamed on TVs. But their measurement infrastructure just isn’t set up for it. Instead of reporting on site visits or conversions, they’re focusing on brand lift. They’re offering traditional TV-style branding metrics—they’ve even partnered with Nielsen—when marketers should treat CTV as a digital performance channel.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent write-up on the challenges advertisers face with YouTube on TV, check it out here.

MNTN Performance TV

Connected TV is a digital channel. You should treat it like one.

MNTN Performance TV tracks the full consumer journey from TV impressions, to site visits, and ultimately conversions. It’s equipped with every metric performance marketers need to measure success, and it’s fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can track it right alongside the rest of your campaigns.

04 Inventory

Looking for quality inventory?

YouTube Ads

“It’s big, but it’s still a walled garden. And there’s no getting out.”

Inventory is limited to YouTube’s offering. Which isn’t terrible, right? But their content is short-form and forgettable, consumed on mobile, and susceptible to brand safety issues. If you want your ads to always serve alongside premium, long-form content, you have to go through a separate buying process called YouTube Select.

MNTN Performance TV

Get access to the top networks on Connected TV.

Why limit yourself to one network? One set of viewers? Why serve ads to mobile devices when they don’t drive performance? Performance TV gives you Living Room Quality content, ensuring access to top publishers’ and streaming networks’ inventory that’s high quality, brand safe, and streamed on TVs.

  • AMC
  • TLC
  • CBS
  • Peacock
  • TBS
  • NBC
  • FXX
  • Oxygen
  • Cartoon Network
  • MLB Network
  • Adult Swim
  • ESPN
  • BBC America
  • HGTV
  • National Geographic Channel
  • The Weather Channel
  • MTV
  • NBC Sports
  • A&E
  • CNBC
  • Bravo
  • USA
  • ABC
  • Fox News
  • NFL
  • TMZ
  • NBC Golf
  • CNN
  • SyFy
  • Lifetime
  • BET
  • Nick
  • PBS
  • Hallmark Channel

05 YouTube Select?

Looking for a better way to buy?

YouTube Ads

"Who's made an upfront commitment for display and mobile in 2020? No one. Why would you do that for Connected TV?"

YouTube is doubling down on Upfronts. YouTube is offering upfront media buys served against specific YouTube channels and YouTube shows—exactly like traditional TV media buying. That’s an archaic system that TV execs, like Disney’s Bob Iger, want to abandon completely. So why do that for a digital channel?

  • Buying Upfront?

    In a world where advertisers can buy media in real-time, with current data, why would they spend upfront?

  • Better CPMs?

    This isn’t important for performance marketing. CPMs don’t matter if you’re driving a good return.

YouTube Advertising Upfronts

MNTN Performance TV

Performance marketers need nimble media buying.

Upfronts are a thing of the past. Every ad served on Performance TV is targeted toward an audience, not a show. Meaning that whatever your ideal audience is watching, your ads are there to meet them.

  • Real-Time Auctions

    Our automated media buying uses current data to pay the right price at the right time.

  • Audience-First

    Whether they’re watching the hottest show on Connected TV, or a niche program with a small following—your ads will reach them.

Real-Time Auctions vs. YouTube Ads Upfronts

Start Driving Performance With Your Video Ads

If you’re trying to generate measurable, impactful results with video ads, you need Performance TV. Join other top-tier brands that have put their YouTube creative to work with MNTN—get started today.