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    Lighting New York

    Lighting New York Drives a 12X ROAS with MNTN Performance TV Retargeting

    MNTN Performance TV retargeting allowed them to elevate their campaign performance beyond what display-only retargeting could offer by serving viewers high-quality video ads on Connected TV, and also reaching those same viewers across web and mobile with dynamic display ads—all from a single campaign.

    “MNTN Performance TV lets us attach measurable revenue goals to a TV campaign, which was great since we want to be sure we’re getting the best return on our investment. It proved to be an effective way of getting website visitors back to the site to convert, and delivered results we couldn’t be happier with.”

    Aaron Covaleski
    Digital Advertising Manager, Lighting New York




    Drive Revenue and Conversions

    Lighting New York (LNY) was looking for a retargeting ad solution that would deliver consistently strong revenue performance. MNTN recommended Performance TV retargeting for its ability to integrate television into a direct-response ad strategy; it would reach shoppers whether they were streaming Connected TV (CTV) or browsing on web or mobile. The combination of CTV ads delivering high site visit and conversion rates, along with display ads reaching users at times of high intent, would ensure the campaign outperformed display-only retargeting.


    MNTN Performance TV Retargeting

    Campaign setup was easy. After uploading their video creative via a simple drag-and-drop, they built their dynamic, rich-media display retargeting ads using the integrated MNTN Ad Builder. Once creative was ready, they simply entered their budget and goal (no bidding required) and the campaign launched.

    MNTN’s performance-driven, automated media buying technology took over from there, leveraging real-time data analysis to automatically adjust spend, reach, and handle all bidding—thus removing any sort of manual optimization. The campaign leveraged the real-time segmentation tool to target high-value users, like cart abandoners, with non-skippable ads run exclusively on top-tier streaming networks like HGTV, Hulu, Oprah, and more.

    The CTV ads captured user attention with an ad format that drove strong brand recall. The dynamic display ads, meanwhile, immersed LNY’s audience across all their digital devices, in every ad size available. The combination of CTV and display ads worked together to deliver better retargeting performance vs. display-only campaigns; Performance TV retargeting campaigns see a 15% average lift in overall channel performance vs. just display retargeting alone.

    Campaign performance was measured across all devices using MNTN’s proprietary attribution technology, Cross-Device Verified Visits. This also allowed them to attribute cross-device in Google Analytics (thanks to MNTN’s API), which let them measure streaming television’s direct-response ad performance alongside the rest of their ad channels.

    The Results

    Strong ROAS

    Lighting New York’s Performance TV retargeting campaign outperformed their initial ROAS goals. Running from April to May, the campaign achieved an 8.97X ROAS in April; LNY then increased their ad spend 43% going into May which drove it even higher to 12.93X. Thanks to MNTN Performance TV’s multi-channel approach, intelligent automated media buying, and top-tier ad experience, LNY was able to increase their ad spend based on early success—ultimately leading to results that exceeded expectations.

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