Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Marketing Has Been Acquired by Performance TV Platform MNTN

Jun 25, 2021 3 Min Read

Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort Marketing Has Been Acquired by Performance TV Platform MNTN

Ryan Reynolds has sold his creative agency.

Maximum Effort Marketing, the creative powerhouse behind viral ads like dating platform Match’s fiery “Match Made in Hell” and all of the recent advertising work for the Reynolds-owned Mint Mobile and Aviation American Gin, has been acquired by Performance TV platform MNTN (pronounced “mountain”).

Under the deal, Maximum Effort Marketing will retain its identity, operating as a creative agency within MNTN. Reynolds will assume the role of chief creative officer for MNTN and George Dewey will continue in his role as president of Maximum Effort. The duo’s production company, Maximum Effort Productions (responsible for films like Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and the forthcoming Deadpool 3) is not part of the transaction and will continue to operate as a separate company.

“The explosion of the Connected TV presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring creative and media back together,” MNTN CEO Mark Douglas said in a statement. “Creative is the center of the advertising industry and I’ve always thought it odd to have creative and media walled off from each other.”

The merger will bring media and creative under the same roof—combining Reynolds and Dewey’s knack for nailing the cultural zeitgeist with an ad tech platform that simplifies connected TV ads.

“We wanted a future for our marketing arm that ensured we could continue to move fast, have fun and do really rewarding work,” Reynolds said in a statement. “I was blown away by the simplicity and speed of MNTN’s technology and how it opens up access to TV for advertisers who can’t afford upfront agreements. I believe the combination of our companies will create a 1+1 equals 3 situation, assuming my math checks out. It was never my strong suit.”

Reynolds announced the merger today in a video alongside his fictitious and ever-critical twin brother, Gordon, who grilled Ryan on the sale of Aviation Gin and now Maximum Effort, asking whether he’s simply “hard up for money.” That gave Ryan the opportunity to explain that MNTN is an “ad tech firm that is revolutionizing performance TV,” and not, in fact, a volcano.

Reynolds and Dewey launched Maximum Effort Marketing in 2018 after collaborating on the first two Deadpool films. It exploded onto the advertising scene when Reynolds bought Aviation Gin that same year, creating absurdist, dry humored ads including one about how Reynolds’ tears are key to the gin’s taste.

Beverage company Diageo acquired Aviation in August 2020 in a deal that could total more than $600 million, keeping Reynolds on as a co-owner leading creative direction.

In 2020, Adweek named Reynolds as its Brand Visionary, a yearly honor created to highlight leaders in advertising and branding. He was also part of Adweek’s Creative 100 in the year prior.

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