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    Webinars & Events

    The Latest MNTN Webinars & Events.

    We team up with top publications, brands, and tech partners to share insights from the industry's best.

    Variety Streaming Room

    The Golden Age of TV Advertising: What an OTT-First Future Means for TV Advertising 
    As streaming TV services attract record numbers of viewers and claim more honors and awards, we find ourselves in a new golden age of television. But amidst this new reality, TV advertising still looks and feels like it always has. The question is: how long until it doesn’t?

    In this panel discussion, industry experts will weigh in on how a streaming-first world—where viewers dictate the terms of when and where they watch—will shape the future of TV advertising.

    Panelists include Kristina Shepard, Head of Agency Partnerships & National Brand Team Lead, Roku; Dan Aversano, SVP, Data, Analytics & Advanced Advertising, Univision; Stacie Danzis, VP Digital Ad Sales, A&E Networks; Brendan Murnane, SVP of Digital Sales Strategy, ViacomCBS and Mark Douglas, President and CEO, MNTN.

    Presented by:

    Tuesday, November 30, 2021

    12:30 pm ET / 9:30 am PT

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    Mark Douglas
    President & CEO

    Adweek Commerce Week

    How Connected TV Brings Much-Needed Agility to TV Advertising

    Oliver Embry helped build cutting-edge traffic and retail strategies for adidas, and now leads the charge on advertiser product innovation at MNTN. His experience creating effective and unexpected tactics for retailers has led to countless revenue wins. So with an ever-changing cultural and economic climate—the looming supply chain crisis being the latest example—what opportunities does he see for savvy marketers looking to navigate fluid scenarios that call for quick action?

    In this session, join MNTN’s Oliver Embry where he’ll explore how Connected TV, whether as a net-new channel, or a performance-focused addition to existing strategy, can help advertisers both big and small nimbly adapt to the latest events, trends and environments—all while still delivering on vital KPIs.

    Presented by:

    Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    12:20 pm ET / 9:20 am PT

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    Oliver Embry
    Emerging Monetization Strategy Director

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