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CTV and the Social Media Mindset: Bringing Creativity Back to Advertising

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What This Session Is About

You’ve seen Maximum Effort’s topical and compelling ads go viral. Ever wonder how they do it? It’s more than just having Hollywood talent – it’s about applying a “social media mindset” to advertising. And the good news is anyone can do it.

That’s why we’re finally spilling the secrets to success.

Join Maximum Effort’s George Dewey and MNTN’s Ali Haeri as they discuss how creative TV advertising is easier and quicker to produce than ever before – and why this new golden era of advertising doesn’t require long timelines, elaborate sets, and costly shoots.

You’ll learn:

  • The secret recipe behind Maximum Effort’s most viral ad campaigns
  • Why the social media mindset is the future of advertising
  • How your brand can produce creative and effective content quickly and affordably
  • Why it’s not too late to add CTV advertising to your holiday campaigns
CTV and the Social Media Mindset: Bringing Creativity Back to Advertising

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