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How to Build a CTV Creative Pipeline That Delivers ROI

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What This Session Is About

With economic uncertainty top of mind, ad performance matters more than ever. And video advertising, especially on CTV, is crucial to weathering the storm and coming out on top. But you need to be smart in your approach, both in the technology you use and the creative pipeline you employ. This combination needs to deliver measurable impact, and enough video assets to keep up with demand. 

The rise of CTV has expanded the need for effective advertising creative that captures both sight and sound, and we’re going to show you how to satisfy this crucial need. We’ll discuss how to scale your creative pipeline with innovative video production solutions that offer agility, affordability, and impact—then explain how to maximize returns on your creative investment with tech and tools. 

Join Chris Contreras, Chief Customer Officer at MNTN to learn about:

  • The changing TV viewing environment that’s creating an even bigger opportunity for video advertising
  • Why advertisers need to include video that generates ROI as part of their strategy
  • How Connected TV combines TV advertising and performance marketing to help advertisers weather the uncertain economic times
  • Non-agency creative solutions to help extend a limited ad budget 
How to Build a CTV Creative Pipeline That Delivers ROI

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