Not Your Dad’s TV Ad: An Inside Look at the CTV Ad Revolution

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What This Session Is About

We know, we know. You’re in advertising. You’ve already heard all about Connected TV, how it transformed television into a performance marketing channel, and how brands say they’re reimagining what a TV ad can do. But what does that even look like? Is it really changing the face of TV for advertisers? How is it opening previously unimaginable opportunities? And—most importantly—how can you leverage other brands’ success stories for your own campaigns?

Join Chris Contreras, SVP of Customer Success at MNTN, as he pulls back the curtain on successful CTV campaigns from leading brands—including a few names that are sure to surprise. Chris will show off inspirational, innovative, and profitable campaigns that could only be made possible through CTV—and give insider strategies for how you can apply these learnings to your own ads.

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