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The Re-Education of Brand Marketing: How CTV Unlocks Better Creative

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What This Session Is About

Connected TV has opened new doors and changed expectations for brand marketers. Once relegated to loose forms of targeting and measurement, television advertisers can now use CTV’s wealth of data to help drive and quantify success. But a better bottom line isn’t where the benefits end.

Join Adweek and Chris Contreras, SVP of Customer Success at MNTN, as they explore how CTV’s measurement and targeting unlocks personalized brand messaging that can only be described as a direct hit. Get an inside look at how CTV performance data, when combined with a refined audience strategy, should influence a brand’s creative approach and help form a stronger connection with the viewers who matter most.

You’ll learn:

  • Connected TV metrics—including unexpected ones—that help determine success
  • Key tech and tools you’ll need to unlock the performance/creative feedback loop
  • How to effectively tie performance data back to your creative process
  • Examples and case studies that show it all in action
The Re-Education of Brand Marketing: How CTV Unlocks Better Creative

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