5 Must-Know Lessons From $1B+ in Connected TV Transactions

We’ve reviewed $1B+ in transactions sourced from Connected TV campaigns run across Performance TV, our CTV ad solution. The data makes it clear: there is a better way to build your CTV strategy, and it’s all about prioritizing conversions, revenue, and getting the right people to your site.

We’ve assembled this guide to share real-world insights, sourced from our savviest advertisers, that illustrate how CTV is used to navigate common marketing challenges and drive direct-response performance. Whether it’s spinning up a campaign with little lead-time, adjusting for a long or short purchasing cycle, or nailing promotion for Black Friday—you’ll learn everything you need to bring nimbleness and ingenuity to your own CTV strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • How top advertisers have leveraged Connected TV to drive performance goals.
  • Why advertisers are integrating it into their evergreen campaign strategy.
  • What you can do to bring these insights into your own campaigns.