Discover How DTC and Ecommerce Advertisers Increased Revenue 208%

A growing number of DTC advertisers are using Connected TV as a revenue and conversion-focused ad channel—and we’ve compiled a list of the strategies, tech, and tools used by the best of them. 

Our guide provides tips and best practices used by seasoned Performance TV advertisers to deliver strong results. Advertisers using Performance TV saw significant year-over-year increases in conversions, revenue, and site traffic. Download the guide today and get ready to start generating the same level of performance with your own direct-response CTV campaigns. 

Key insights include:

  • How advertisers managed a 208% year-over-year increase in CTV-driven revenue.
  • Which campaigns to deploy across the sales journey to net conversions.
  • What to consider when building high-intent audience segments. 
  • Why CTV ad creative differs from linear TV ads, and how it directly impacts performance.