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The Next Gen of Performance TV Has Arrived.

Tons of upgrades, with one goal: making The Hardest Working Software in Television™ work even harder.

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Next Gen Performance

Bring your campaign optimizations into the Next Gen.

Deliver unrivaled return on investment.

Smarter Optimization. Better Performance.

Next Gen TV takes MNTN’s industry-leading performance to the next level.

For years, advertisers have used MNTN’s dynamic campaign optimizations to deliver unmatched ROI with their Performance TV campaigns.

But our dedicated product and engineering teams never stop pushing the envelope. They’ve been experimenting around the clock with one goal in mind: to increase television’s revenue-driving potential. We’ve used their research to upgrade the most powerful performance engine in television.

With it, advertisers are already earning


lower cost per acquisitions


more site traffic

Generate more revenue with similar ROAS and CPA.

Acquire more customers. Make more money.

After MNTN released Next Gen TV, our ROAS increased by 65% the following month—both in the MNTN platform and in Google Analytics, where we use our conversion measurement methodology.

We increased budget based on performance being strong and wanting to scale into the holiday, and efficiency is still quite high! It gives us a lot of ammunition to focus on this channel even more.

Mikayla Ceraso

Growth Marketing Manager at Tuckernuck


Transform TV into a powerful growth engine.

Our upgraded system is built to seamlessly scale Performance TV campaigns. With Next Gen TV, your performance stays strong — and often improves — as you increase your investment in TV. We've also introduced a new feature that provides added insights to help you scale campaigns more effectively and drive more conversions with similar efficiency.

Grow your mobile app with television.

Supercharge your app install campaigns.

TV ad with man meditating on mountain Hand holding phone with meditation app

Performance TV—now built for mobile apps.

Optimize your TV campaigns to deliver app downloads, and take advantage of MNTN’s Appsflyer, Adjust, and Kochava integrations to measure success in your preferred source of truth.


Ready to deliver industry-leading performance with TV?

Let’s set you up for success.

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Rocket flying out of TV

Next Gen Efficiency

Take advantage of MNTN’s buying power.

Access pricing from one of the largest buyers of TV advertising.

Our market-leading position means brands that advertise with MNTN get a leg up before our tech even starts optimizing campaigns for peak performance.

MNTN is one of the largest buyers of TV advertising in the US. That means more buying power, improved pricing, and better performance for MNTN customers.

As always with MNTN, your ads only appear on blue-chip streaming TV networks, thanks to our 150+ direct deals with Peacock, ESPN, CBS, Bravo, FOX, and other premium providers.

Next Gen TV Audiences

Use our integration with LiveRamp to build your ideal customer profile.

Tap into LiveRamp’s extensive database of 3rd party segments.

LiveRamp segments are integrated directly into the MNTN platform, covering a wide range of audience interests, purchasing histories, in-market signals, and more. It’s never been easier to build precise audiences who are most likely to take action after seeing your TV ads.

Build audiences with the same control, ease, and precision of paid social advertising.

Access all of your first and third party audience data in one place.

With nearly endless combinations of inclusions, exclusions, and connective statements at your fingertips, honing your exact customer profile and delivering optimal performance have never been easier.

Create and store specific geographic lists, CRM lists, and first-party audience segments for convenient reuse, ensuring your campaign setup is always quick and seamless.

Precisely target over 85,000 integrated audiences, customizable segments of your first-party audiences, and your CRM lists to maximize performance.

Define your campaign's radius.

Focus your TV advertising on customers within a radius of specific addresses.

Enhance performance with precision targeting.

Improve your cost per visit, cost per acquisition, and return on ad spend by making your localized campaigns even more...well, local.

Next Gen TV Measurement

All your reporting. One source of truth. (Yours.)

Integrate seamlessly with your third party platforms.

Integrate TV’s strongest attribution model with your third-party platforms.

It’s never been easier to integrate MNTN’s Verified Visits™ reporting with your preferred attribution platform, thanks to our new macro-enabled visit tracking.

Measure Performance TV in GA4.

Your Verified Visits data, delivered to GA4.

Get all your data in a single view with MNTN's unique Google Analytics integration.

MNTN is the only TV platform that accurately integrates TV attribution data with GA4, enabling you to accurately track your Verified Visits™ and conversions right alongside your other marketing channels.

Level up with Next Gen TV technology.

Leverage the most powerful software in television.

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Next Gen TV Creative

Receive creatives that increase your bottom-line revenue.

Get TV Commercials That Increase Your Revenue — at No Additional Cost.

Rumpl Couch to Campsite (0:15)

Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) is giving MNTN advertisers hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue.

Heard of CaaS? It’s a MNTN-exclusive program where our advertisers access a steady stream of fresh TV creative, produced by the experts at QuickFrame — all at no additional cost beyond what they’ll pay in media.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with our advertisers to enhance the program, and it’s become an even bigger growth driver for businesses of all sizes. For example, Rumpl, the premiere producer of versatile and durable outdoor blankets, used CaaS to generate an additional $526.2K in revenue over the course of a year, by their estimations — all without increasing their marketing budget.

We’ve been able to take budgets that we were going to spend creating TV ads ourselves and put those budgets into working media dollars—taking those dollars further than they would’ve gone before.

Ashlee Anderson

Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Rumpl


We’ve made our intuitive platform even easier to use.

Enjoy Logging In.

MNTN's user-friendly interface, sophisticated audience targeting capabilities, and comprehensive analytics played a crucial role throughout the campaign's lifecycle.

Jason Raby

Principal, Articulate Solutions

We’ve focused on the details to make your experience with MNTN even better.

We’ve made plenty of small improvements, from enhanced reporting filters to streamlined audience building, and more—all to make MNTN more efficient and enjoyable for you to use.

There’s a Lot to Love About Next Gen.

Our Performance TV technology never looked so good.

Pricing power of one of the

Largest buyers of TV advertising

Stronger performance


more efficient CPAs


more site traffic

TV commercials that grow revenue at no additional cost

Seamless campaign scaling

More Audiences

Better control

Streamlined user experience

Radius targeting to geolocate viewers

Couple watching TV

New and improved integrations

Google Analytics

Easy third-party attribution platform integration

Optimized for app downloads

Hand holding phone with meditation app loaded
Hand holding remote

Access the Next Generation of Performance TV

Learn how the next generation of Performance TV technology can supercharge your growth and deliver the best possible results.

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