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Connected TV: The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day Campaign Season.

When you analyze performance data from an ad channel like Connected TV, you learn a lot. That’s why we examined last year’s Father’s Day campaigns to discover what marketers need to know about the holiday dedicated to dad.

We Analyzed Father’s Day Connected TV Campaigns

The key to a successful Father’s Day campaign season is to find the most efficient way to generate new website traffic, conversions, and revenue.

We analyzed campaigns launched from MNTN Performance TV, our Connected TV ad solution, to discover how marketers best used the platform. We focused our attention on verticals relevant to Father’s Day (sports, travel, and apparel to name a few), and hunted for information that would help marketers drive similar success this year.

It’s time to make dad proud by launching a successful Father’s Day campaign—read on to discover how to do it.

Timing is Everything for Successful Campaigns

Father’s Day shoppers like to leave things to the last-minute, but our data shows there’s an opportunity to drive more touch points earlier on to try and prompt quicker conversions.

Last Minute (and Post-Holiday) Shopping

Revenue increased by almost 4% in the week leading to Father’s Day. It increased its growth trajectory into the week after Father’s Day—suggesting shoppers were still buying, and dads were cashing in on gift cards. Interestingly, the number of conversions dropped while revenue grew, indicating higher-value purchases.

Week Over Week Revenue Growth Week Over Week Revenue Growth

Lower Funnel Efforts Are an Opportunity

Site visits reached their highest number two weeks before Father’s Day. Conversions peaked the following week leading up to the holiday itself.

Week of June 7

Highest Number of Site Visits

Week of June 14

Highest Number of Site Conversions

Lessons for 2022 Connected TV Strategies

The final two weeks before Father’s Day—and even the week after—are crucial. This is the time when site visits reach their highs, and conversions do the same. Be sure you’re keeping your Connected TV campaigns well funded and competing for sales.

Run prospecting campaigns to drive new visits to your site, so when they’re ready to buy, they’re already familiar with your brand.

Activating retargeting campaigns earlier can increase repeat site visits and convince shoppers to convert—thus speeding up your sales cycle.

High-value purchases were made the week following Father’s Day, so keep your campaigns on to compete for these valuable conversions.

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Father’s Day Was All About Active Lifestyles

If you’re looking for a peek behind the curtain on consumer sentiment, follow their spending. And last year, shoppers were looking to get dad into the great outdoors…or at least on his feet and moving around a bit.

Looking at the entire consumer landscape at that same time, this was likely tied to a “post-pandemic” mindset of getting out of the house. This year, we expect more of the same as the world continues its journey back to normalcy (whatever that may be).

Active Advertisers Saw Major Returns

If your brand helps dads sweat, live a better life, or see the world—Father’s Day is a great time to see some excellent returns. Advertisers who fell into action-oriented verticals tended to see the highest return on their ad spend.

Top Return on Ad Spend by Vertical

01 Sports

02 Health & Fitness

03 Home Goods

04 Fashion & Apparel

05 Travel

Summer Trends Heating Up

The verticals with the best returns also tend to be summer-friendly. Our data shows revenue sustaining well into the summer months, so it’s important to have an evergreen game plan (i.e. having summer-themed creative readily available to switch out) after Father’s Day ends.

Revenue Trend Ramping into Summer Revenue Trend Ramping into Summer

Lessons for 2022 Connected TV Strategies

With summer starting right on the heels of Father’s Day, marketers who take an active-lifestyle approach to their Connected TV campaigns can reap the benefits. Here are some key items to keep in mind while planning this year’s campaigns.

Even if you’re not in an active-oriented vertical, tap into that vibe in your creative approach and messaging—it clearly resonates with audiences.

Don’t even think about dropping ad spend after the holiday, because summer is ramping up and shoppers are still eager to buy.

Be ready to update to summer-specific creative after the holiday ends.


Active-lifestyle verticals performed well in the leadup to the holiday, as well as afterwards as their synergy with the summer season came into full effect. Advertisers who kept ad spend strong were able to compete for valuable conversions, and enjoy a successful Father’s Day and start to the summer.

Connected TV has proven to be an effective performance channel for advertisers running campaigns on MNTN’s platform. If you’re a marketer who needs to drive awareness, visits, and revenue for a Father’s Day sale, look no further than this fast-growing channel.

Methodology: Analysis was conducted on MNTN Performance TV advertisers using recorded performance/spend data from June 7th, 2021 to July 18th, 2021. To be included, advertisers needed to fall into a specific industry vertical (fashion & apparel, home, health & fitness, accessories, sports, travel and leisure), and have recorded revenue and performance/spend data for 80%+ of the days that fell within the timeframe.

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It’s time to put these learnings to work. Speak to an expert and discover how Performance TV can deliver consistently strong performance—whether it's for Father’s Day, or any day.