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Campaign Setup is Quick and Easy

Our self-serve platform makes TV advertising easy.

Use MNTN Matched AI and keywords to build high performance audiences. Plus use customizable retargeting tools, CRM matching, integrated segments, and more to generate peak performance.

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Just enter your budget and goal, and our automated media buying tech optimizes your campaign thousands of times per day toward your performance goal.

Drag and drop, or link your Dropbox or Google Drive to easily upload video assets — our platform will automatically ensure they fit streaming TV ad specs.

No video creative? No problem.

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Easily deploy campaigns just like you would with search or social.

Measure success with Google Analytics and our real-time reporting dashboard, including conversions, revenue, site visits, and more — all with an attribution model built for TV.

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It’s Easy to Fire Up a Campaign

Watch Steve-O burn through a demo of MNTN's Performance TV software for MNTN Chief Creative Officer Ryan Reynolds — all while eating a Carolina Reaper pepper.

Get started with hassle-free Performance TV.

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