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    How Brands are Approaching Connected TV in 2022

    Connected TV is changing the ways brand and performance marketing teams approach their roles within advertising. Marketing teams are realizing that CTV offers measurable outcomes and more engaging, long-form ad formats that can lead to new engagement, customer acquisition and revenue.

    Join Alexa Tierney, senior director of customer success at MNTN, and Ian Zelaya, senior editor, Custom, at Digiday Media on November 30 at 1 p.m. EST to learn how marketers are navigating CTV now and what they intend to do with the channel in 2022 and beyond. Register for this exclusive webinar to learn about:

    • CTV’s growth as an essential marketing tool for brands and agencies over the past year.
    • How CTV is changing brand and performance team expectations.
    • The challenges and opportunities when it comes to measuring CTV performance.
    • Steps agencies and brands are taking to build an effective CTV team for the future.

    Presented by:

    How Connected TV Brings Much-Needed Agility to TV Advertising

    Oliver Embry helped build cutting-edge traffic and retail strategies for adidas, and now leads the charge on advertiser product innovation at MNTN. His experience creating effective and unexpected tactics for retailers has led to countless revenue wins. So with an ever-changing cultural and economic climate—the looming supply chain crisis being the latest example—what opportunities does he see for savvy marketers looking to navigate fluid scenarios that call for quick action?

    Join MNTN’s Oliver Embry on December 1st, 12:25pm ET, 9:15am PT. He’ll explore how Connected TV, whether as a net-new channel, or a performance-focused addition to existing strategy, can help advertisers both big and small nimbly adapt to the latest events, trends and environments—all while still delivering on vital KPIs.

    Presented by:

    Building a Perfect TV Ad: What AI Analysis Reveals

    Is there a perfect commercial? We analyzed over 1,800 CTV ads to find out

    Have you ever wondered what elements make the perfect commercial? What’s the right tone to strike? How many scenes should it feature? Is there a correct number of actors, and if so, how many should have speaking parts?

    Using QuickFrame’s Video Vitals AI technology, we analyzed over 1,800 TV commercials run on the MNTN CTV platform to identify which ingredients make for a high-performing commercial. eMarketer is pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar presentation featuring Ali Haeri, MNTN VP of Marketing at MNTN, and Lucas Piazza, CMO of QuickFrame as they share the findings from this massive, AI-driven Connected TV ad creative analysis.

    Join this webinar to learn: 

    • Which creative elements make for a better performing TV commercial
    • What you need to know when evaluating your own TV ad creative
    • How to apply these learnings to your own creative process

    Presented by:

    How Streaming is Defining the New Era of TV Advertising

    Streaming television has upended the classic TV advertising model. In its place, brands are presented with an ad channel that combines performance marketing and creative innovation—along with a wealth of data that helps them improve upon both. How can advertisers make the most of this opportunity?

    Join Joanne Bradford, MNTN’s Chief Growth Officer, as she explores how brands can successfully navigate the new TV landscape now and into the future. Tapping into her experience as a forward-thinking marketer in previous roles at SoFi and Honey, she’ll discuss how new innovations—ones that were once only available in the digital realm—can unlock new strategic initiatives and bring accountability to brands’ TV ad spend

    Presented by:

    The Re-Education of Brand Marketing: How CTV Unlocks Better Creative

    Connected TV has opened new doors and changed expectations for brand marketers. Once relegated to loose forms of targeting and measurement, television advertisers can now use CTV’s wealth of data to help drive and quantify success. But a better bottom line isn't where the benefits end.

    Join Adweek and Chris Contreras, SVP of Customer Success at MNTN, as they explore how CTV’s measurement and targeting unlocks personalized brand messaging that can only be described as a direct hit. Get an inside look at how CTV performance data, when combined with a refined audience strategy, should influence a brand’s creative approach and help form a stronger connection with the viewers who matter most.

    You’ll learn:

    • Connected TV metrics—including unexpected ones—that help determine success
    • Key tech and tools you’ll need to unlock the performance/creative feedback loop
    • How to effectively tie performance data back to your creative process
    • Examples and case studies that show it all in action

    Presented by:

    Moving B2B Marketing to the Big Screen presented by MNTN

    B2B marketers have long focused their advertising efforts on channels like paid search and LinkedIn. While these two may be effective, they also carry inherent limitations that keep B2B strategies one dimensional.

    Once considered out of reach and unscalable in the B2B space, Connected TV — done the right way — is a major opportunity for B2B marketers to launch a third effective ad channel and drive measurable performance by targeting the exact audiences they need to reach. Join us for this session to learn how.

    At the end of this session, you will be able to…

    • Utilize Connected TV as a performance marketing channel
    • Understand the ins and outs of targeting in-market B2B audiences
    • Track and measure key results

    Presented by:

    CTV and the Social Media Mindset: Bringing Creativity Back to Advertising

    You’ve seen Maximum Effort’s topical and compelling ads go viral. Ever wonder how they do it? It’s more than just having Hollywood talent – it’s about applying a “social media mindset” to advertising. And the good news is anyone can do it.

    That’s why we’re finally spilling the secrets to success.

    Join Maximum Effort’s George Dewey and MNTN’s Ali Haeri as they discuss how creative TV advertising is easier and quicker to produce than ever before – and why this new golden era of advertising doesn’t require long timelines, elaborate sets, and costly shoots.

    You’ll learn:

    • The secret recipe behind Maximum Effort’s most viral ad campaigns
    • Why the social media mindset is the future of advertising
    • How your brand can produce creative and effective content quickly and affordably
    • Why it’s not too late to add CTV advertising to your holiday campaigns

    Presented by:

    Creative in the Time of CTV: How Performance TV Enables a Refocus on Ad Creative

    With the advent of Performance TV, streaming television advertising campaigns run so effectively that advertisers can now shift their focus to what matters most: TV creative. In this discussion, MNTN CEO Mark Douglas will explore why his firm merged with Ryan Reynolds' renowned creative agency Maximum Effort, how advertisers are now thinking about their approach to TV creative, and what he's learned from building a platform used by some of the largest brands in the world.

    Presented by:

    The Top 5 Things Retail Marketers Need to Know About Connected TV

    Connected TV (CTV) has changed the game for successful brands looking to reach their audience, drive measurable conversions, and boost revenue. Regardless of their size or industry, top-performing retailers are also benefiting from the targeting and measurement capabilities of CTV. But is the platform right for your retail brand?

    Join MNTN, the world’s first and only CTV advertising platform optimized for direct-response goals, as they share key insights, highlight CTV features, and demonstrate the crucial benefits for retailers.

    You’ll learn:

    • How CTV’s targeting capabilities finds your audience when and where they’re watching
    • The benefits of A/B testing on CTV to offer different promotions
    • The key ways that retailers use CTV to track conversions definitively
    • How CTV leverages the data you already have through CRM targeting

    Presented by:

    How (and Why) CTV is Driving Growth for Retail Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are big business for retailers. How big? We’re talking billions of dollars and hours spent every month. So naturally, you want your target audience downloading and engaging with your app. But how do you reach them? With Connected TV, retail brands are delivering the right ads to the right audience – beamed onto their living room TV while they watch with a mobile device in hand (we call it “second screen behavior”).

    Join Dan Terek, Director of CTV/OTT Strategy at MNTN, and Larissa Klitzke, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppsFlyer on Tuesday, September 21st at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT. Together, Dan and Larissa will explore the importance of retail mobile apps in today’s market – and how CTV can target your ideal customer, drive downloads, and measure campaign performance in ways you never imagined.

    Presented by:

    In Partnership With:

    B2B, Meet CTV: How B2B Marketers Can Conquer TV Advertising

    B2B marketers have been stuck with the same ad channels for a while now, limited to the likes of paid search and LinkedIn. While those channels may be effective, they carry limitations that keep B2B marketing strategies from evolving.

    Thankfully, they can now take their strategy beyond the expected. The rise of Connected TV advertising, with its data-driven approach to targeting and measurement, has made it a viable third ad channel for those in the B2B space looking to differentiate from the competition.

    Join MNTN’s Hooman Javidan Nejad and the experts from Oracle OnRamp as they explore how CTV unlocks television as a performance marketing channel. They’ll cover everything from 1st and 3rd party audience targeting strategies, to key insights on the best practices that will drive effective campaign performance.

    You’ll learn:
    How CTV is ideally suited to bring B2B strategies and campaigns to television audiences.
    How to effectively leverage audience sources, from CRM lists to B2B-focused 3rd party data.
    Why CTV ads are effective at cutting through the usual B2B advertising clutter.
    How to measure conversions, site visits, and revenue generated by your CTV campaigns.

    Presented by:

    In Partnership With:

    What Ad Tech is Missing about CTV

    As the ad tech arms race over CTV dominance rises, most CTV platforms are still thinking about the future of TV advertising the wrong way. Join Mark Douglas, CEO of MNTN, and David Griner of Adweek as they discuss how performance marketing gets overlooked by most CTV platforms, the future of TV measurement and why MNTN chose to merge with Ryan Reynolds’ creative agency Maximum Effort.

    Presented by:

    The New Frontier of B2B Marketing: Drive Measurable Results With Performance CTV Advertising

    It seems as though B2B marketers have been stuck with the same ad channels for a while now. Digital ad efforts have been limited to the likes of paid search and social media advertising. And while those channels may be effective, they carry some limitations that keep B2B marketing strategies from evolving.

    Recent studies show that 82% of U.S. households have at least one internet-connected TV. With its data-driven approach to measurement and targeting, the rise of Connected TV advertising has made it a viable third ad channel for those in the B2B space looking to differentiate from the competition. Thankfully, B2B marketers now have a chance to take their strategy beyond the expected.

    In this session, you’ll learn how it’s possible to utilize Connected TV as a performance marketing channel similar to other tried and true methods. We’ll explore everything from targeting in-market B2B audiences to tracking conversions to measure success. Now is your chance to take your digital advertising strategy beyond the expected.

    Presented by:

    Must CTV: How Streaming TV Ads Unlock Brand-Defining Moments

    Quick, agile, accessible—these aren’t the words you’d use to describe TV advertising...unless you were talking about Connected TV. The rise of CTV has transformed a time-intensive and expensive ad channel into one that launches campaigns in mere days at a fraction of the cost. Discover how CTV advertising’s agility and impact unlocks opportunities to tap into the zeitgeist, launch relevant campaigns, and seize your brand-defining moment. This keynote presentation will cover:

    How to go from campaign ideation to implementation in only a matter of days.
    What retailers need to know when developing an effective direct-response CTV strategy.
    Which technologies are a must-have for launching campaigns and measuring impact.

    Presented by:

    Bringing CPG to CTV: Why Awareness-Driven Brands Must Rethink Measurement on Television

    Connected TV has changed the game for advertisers looking to drive and measure online conversions and revenue. But what does it have to offer those that don’t tie success to direct outcomes? Are brands in the CPG, entertainment, and auto manufacturing industries destined to miss out on groundbreaking advancements in TV advertising?

    Join CTV ad industry veteran Ali Haeri as he explains how awareness and offline-focused advertisers can benefit from CTV. Equipped with hard campaign performance data, these brands can now measure audience reaction to creative messaging in real-time—unlocking information that would traditionally take weeks to accumulate and deliver. He’ll detail what that means for the TV advertising landscape at-large, and what advertisers can do to take advantage of this opportunity.

    You’ll learn:

    • Why CPG and similar brands have an unheard-of opportunity on CTV
    • How the rapid speed of reporting data unlocks real-time decision making
    • Which granular analytics data is available to influence both CTV and linear strategies

    Presented by:

    The Top 3 Connected TV KPIs & Benchmarks Every Retailer Needs to Know

    If you care about measuring returns from your ads, you’ve been locked out of TV advertising for a long time. With the rise of streaming television, however, that’s all changed. Connected TV’s targeting and measurement unlocks performance marketing on television—and we’re going to share key tips and insights to help you make the most of this opportunity. We’ll cover the goals and benchmarks that are critical to what it means to succeed on Connected TV, and why you need to integrate it into your marketing strategy ASAP.

    Presented by:

    Is it Time to Bring TV into the World of Performance Marketing?

    While being one of the most coveted, visible, and brand-friendly channels of advertising, linear television has always been one of the worst channels in terms of measurability. What if there was a way to retain the prestige and effectiveness of television advertising, while having the measurement of those campaigns be indistinguishable from traditional performance marketing channels like paid search and paid social?

    In this conversation with MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, we’ll discuss how brand marketers and performance marketers alike should be holding connected TV advertising to a higher measurement standard than linear advertising, and how the ability to precisely track impressions, site visits, and conversions will change the way how marketers think about TV advertising.

    Presented by:

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