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The Dog Days Are Over: Summer’s Heating Up For CTV Advertisers

The Dog Days Are Over: Summer’s Heating Up For CTV Advertisers

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 | 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

For years, the summer doldrums meant lazing by the pool, no new shows, and a lull in advertising efforts. And while that first one is never going away, it’s the other two that have changed dramatically. Today, savvy advertisers are using the long-forgotten, late-summer season to launch sizzling campaigns and generate holiday-sized impacts mid-year. And with new tools and strategies, replicating these successes is easier than getting a sunburn at the beach.

Join MNTN as they look at how CTV flipped the “summer lull” script and is heating up ad campaigns. We’ll break down which industries and brands have been finding summer success, give data-backed insights on winning performance plays, and share everything you need to make this a summer to remember.


Jessica DeLeon
Account Director

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As a search marketer, you have your tactics on lock. You know how effective search is for intent-based marketing. But paid search  has limits, for while it’s unmatched for capturing intent, it struggles to generate intent If you feel like you’ve maxed out, it may be time to test Connected TV. CTV has transformed television advertising into a scalable, intent-based...

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For years, Connected TV has been an easy layup for performance marketers looking to harness the power of television. But like all cutting-edge digital tools — or college basketball prodigies — CTV has no ceiling. It has continued to introduce significant innovations that help fuel growth efficiency, new customer acquisition strategies, and measurement capabilities that accurately prove campaign success. So...

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