The MNTN Solution for B2B Marketers

The Hardest Working Software in Television™.

Generate more site traffic, qualified leads, and new business by unlocking the power of Connected TV for B2B marketing.

90% of B2B decision-makers buy from companies they already know.

Top marketers use MNTN to generate demand at every stage of the B2B buying process.

Target the right decision-makers on Connected TV

Leverage thousands of integrated audiences, first party data, and your CRM lists to find your customers across 120 million households.

Secure buyer consideration early with measurable — and more — site visits

MNTN marketers have driven over 281 million site visits and use our proprietary attribution to measure them accurately.

Convert those opportunities into leads, trials, and new business

Marketers have used MNTN to generate over 42 million conversions—and counting.

Generate New Demand with Connected TV

Our self-serve software is built for B2B marketers to drive site visits, qualified leads, and new business at scale.

Auto-Optimize for Performance All Day, Every Day

MNTN works just like paid search or social. Input your budget and goal, and our technology automatically optimizes more than 651,000 of times per day to drive high-quality site visits and conversions.

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Tap Into Connected TV’s Largest Audience Pool

Use MNTN Matched AI and keywords to build high performance audiences, and access thousands of integrated audiences including B2B segments from Bombora, Analytics IQ, Dun & Bradstreet, and more — no third party subscriptions required. Plus, use customizable retargeting tools, CRM Matching, and more to generate peak performance.

With MNTN, I can hit my addressable audience at scale whenever they’re streaming TV. That’s important because B2B buyers—when they aren’t working—are people who are logging into streaming apps. While they might not buy anything right there, they might take a moment to visit our site. That’s why we’ve seen MNTN deliver site traffic with better cost efficiency relative to other channels.

Koji Takagi

Senior Director Marketing, Pluralsight

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Elevate Your Brand On
the Best Networks

With MNTN, you’ll only serve ads on blue-chip streaming TV networks, thanks to our 100+ direct deals with Peacock, ESPN, CBS, Bravo, FOX, and other premium providers. We like to call this Living Room Quality inventory, and it drives the best possible outcomes for your campaigns.

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Target Your CRM List on Television

Turn intent into conversions by targeting your CRM audiences on the biggest screen in the house, at scale.

For Biz2Credit, MNTN has been the answer on how to make sure CRM users get video messaging in a premium CTV environment.

Yuri Krym

Director of Performance Marketing, Biz2Credit

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Activate Performance-Optimized TV Creative

Countless B2B advertisers rely on QuickFrame—a marketplace of world-class video creators who provide fast, affordable, and high quality video at scale—to power their demand generation.

Plus, MNTN’s exclusive Creative-as-a-Subscription™ offers advertisers fresh TV creatives every quarter—all at no additional cost beyond what they’ll pay in media.

Check out the commercial QuickFrame produced for Justworks and see how we can build you ads that’ll drive customers to take action.

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We improved our spend-to-pipeline efficiency by close to 70% after making a conscious effort to expand our funnel. We were exhausting the bottom of our marketing funnel and realized we needed fresh contacts. MNTN made that possible.

Koji Takagi

Senior Director Marketing, Pluralsight

Standard TV Commercial & Media



Commercials Produced

See the impact

Creative-as-a Subscription™, Just for MNTN Advertisers

With Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS), you get a steady stream of fresh TV creatives every quarter produced by QuickFrame, a marketplace of world-class video creators who provide fast, affordable, and high quality video at scale. The best part? You'll get these commercials at no additional cost beyond what you'll pay in media. That means more commercials and more of your budget back to fuel your funnel.

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Over 0x

better conversion rate than LinkedIn


better conversion rate than paid search

Sometimes when you think of performance, the brand can get lost. With MNTN, you don’t have to divorce the two. You can have breakthrough storytelling while driving the business forward.

Through Creative-as-a-Subscription, we have been able to get TV creative designed to target our different B2B and consumer audiences. That creative, coupled with MNTN’s platform optimization, has driven conversion rates from CTV that were higher than what we’ve seen on paid search and social.

Meg Ciarallo

VP of Brand and Consumer Marketing at Bolt

Take Advantage of TV’s Halo Effect on Search and Social

MNTN not only drives strong performance, in its own right — it makes your other performance channels better, too. On average, marketers who add MNTN to their mix see:


conversion rate paid search


conversion rate paid social


conversion rate email marketing

Move Effortlessly

We make the hard parts easy. With MNTN you can launch, manage, and measure your Connected TV campaigns all in one place.

The Power of TV in Just a Few Clicks

Manage TV campaigns with the speed and precision of digital using MNTN’s low maintenance, self-serve software.

MNTN’s setup process was extremely intuitive. It gave us access to multiple targeting types and thanks to MNTN’s automated media buying, we were able to drive new sign-ups and increase time spent on site, equally important goals for our campaigns.

Ryan Robbins

Director, Online Acquisition, Crexi

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No Contracts or Fees Required to Go Live

It’s quick and easy to get your ads on the air—or off. You have complete control over your campaigns because nothing should stand in the way of your performance goals.

We are trying to build a lasting brand. And we know that if we don’t make certain investments today, then our pipeline is going to struggle next year and the year after. That’s why we knew that investing in MNTN was going to be important.

Koji Takagi

Senior Director Marketing, Pluralsight

TV, Stress-Free

Navigate the fragmented and complex streaming marketplace with all-in-one capabilities that reach viewers where they’re watching and produce measurable results.

Sometimes when you think of performance, the brand can get lost. With MNTN, you don’t have to divorce the two… you can have breakthrough storytelling while driving the business forward.

Meg Ciarallo

Vice President of Marketing, Bolt

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Shorten Your Sales Cycle

MNTN’s automated software doesn't just generates site visits. It also converts warmer leads, faster.

We here at MNTN use our own software to power our B2B marketing, and no one loves CTV more than our sales team. Here’s just some of what we’ve achieved by adding MNTN to our mix:

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faster sales cycle


higher closed won rate

Scale Smarter

Our real-time reporting ensures your strategy is informed with quality data that’ll help you improve all of your marketing efforts.

Our attribution model, Verified Visits™, tracks the site visits truly driven by TV — offering marketers actionable, real-time data. Plus, you can measure the conversions you generate online and offline together to gain a holistic view of your performance.

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Create customizable dashboards and report down to the conversion ID level, making it easy to match generated leads with their expanded details in marketing automation platforms, including Marketo and Pardot.

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Measure performance down to the keyword and audience segment level, then leverage those insights to improve all of your marketing efforts.

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From audiences to measurement, MNTN is integrated with top platforms and providers to help you analyze outcomes and maximize performance. Plus, our APIs offer seamless reporting into data visualization software like Tableau and Domo.

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Generate more site traffic, qualified leads, and new business. Unlock the power of Connected TV.

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