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Living Room Quality Television

Your campaigns need to deliver the best possible results. That's why with MNTN, your ads only appear on blue-chip streaming TV networks, thanks to our 150+ direct deals with the likes of Peacock, ESPN, CBS, Bravo, FOX, and other premium providers. It's Living Room Quality inventory — living room optional.

Get Seen, Not Skipped.

With MNTN, you’ll only deliver non-skippable ads that people actually watch.

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We were looking to see our brand on the TV screen and test out the CTV space. Performance TV was a natural addition to our performance channels.

Heather Marra

Senior Digital Analyst and SEO Manager, Northline Express

Better Performance Starts with Premium Inventory

Research suggests campaign performance can depend on inventory quality, ad length, and whether an ad is skippable.


conversion rate

when video ads are 15 seconds or longer


conversion rate

when video ads are brand safe


conversion rate

when video ads are fraud-free

*IAS Study, Does Media Quality Drive Attention and Outcomes?*

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Brand Safety Drives Stronger Performance Outcomes on TV

That’s why MNTN only serves non-skippable, 15- and 30-second ads on 150+ of the most well-known and trusted streaming TV networks.

Learn more about the impact that premium, brand safe inventory has on delivering better down-funnel outcomes in our MNTN Research analysis.

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