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    Our Story.

    MNTN builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more through the power of television. MNTN Performance TV is the world’s first and only Connected TV advertising platform optimized for direct-response marketing goals. It redefines what advertisers can do with television, giving them the power to tie performance directly to their TV campaigns.

    Television is the most powerful ad medium in the world. We believe that it belongs right alongside paid search and social in advertisers’ direct-response marketing strategies. That’s why we applied our years of experience building performance marketing software to create an ad platform that combines the precision of digital with the impact of television. MNTN Performance TV offers a suite of targeting, measurement, and automated optimization technology designed to deliver the results marketers expect from their performance channels. Our mission isn’t just to ensure your TV campaigns hit your goals, it’s to leave a lasting impact that helps you drive business for years to come.

    Our Investors.

    Fidelity Investments
    Mercato Partners
    SV Angel
    Baroda Ventures
    Lighthouse Capital Partners
    Rincon Venture Partners
    Daher Capital
    Qualcomm Ventures


    Anna McMurphy

    Chief People Officer

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    Ryan Reynolds

    Chief Creative Officer

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    Mark Douglas

    President & CEO

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    Chris Innes

    Chief Operating Officer

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    James Toney

    Chief Strategy Officer

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    Patrick Pohlen

    Chief Financial Officer

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    George Dewey

    Chief Brand Officer

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    Marwan Soghaier

    Chief Product Officer

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    Lauren Benedict

    SVP, Enterprise Sales

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    Chris Contreras

    SVP of Customer Success

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    Ali Haeri

    VP of Marketing

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    Jeff Teng

    VP of Business Development

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