The MNTN Solution for B2C Marketers

The Hardest Working Software in Television™.

Our intuitive, self-serve software transforms Connected TV advertising into a targetable, measurable, and scalable performance channel.

This is Performance TV

MNTN makes Connected TV as easy and effective as paid search and social—complete with nimble creative management, automated performance optimization, and real-time campaign measurement.


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Maximize Your Return on Investment

Our self-serve software is built to grow your business and generate the results that matter most.

Auto-Optimize for Performance All Day, Every Day

Input your budget and goal, and our technology automatically optimizes towards your performance goal thousands of times per day.

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Tap Into Connected TV’s Largest Audience Pool

Access tens of thousands of third party audiences, as well as customizable segments sourced from your website visitors and CRM lists.

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Elevate Your Brand On
the Best Networks

With MNTN, you’ll only serve ads on blue-chip streaming TV networks, thanks to our 100+ direct deals with Peacock, ESPN, CBS, Bravo, FOX, and other premium providers. We like to call this Living Room Quality inventory, and it drives the best possible outcomes for your campaigns.

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Make Better TV Ads, More Often

MNTN makes it easy to produce more high-quality, performance-optimized TV ads at scale.


Get a steady stream of fresh TV creatives every quarter—all at no additional cost beyond what you'll pay in media.

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QuickFrame by MNTN

A marketplace of world-class video creators who provide fast, affordable, and high quality video at scale.

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Improve Returns Across All Performance Channels

MNTN not only drives strong performance, in its own right — it makes your other performance channels better, too. On average, marketers who add MNTN to their mix see:


conversion rate
paid search


conversion rate
paid social

Move Faster

We make the hard parts easy. With MNTN you can launch, manage, and measure your Connected TV campaigns all in one place.

Self-Serve Software

Operate with digital speed and precision

Automated Optimizations

Campaigns are auto-optimized thousands of times per day.

No Contracts Commitments

It’s quick and easy to get your ads on the air—or off.

What Marketers Are Saying About MNTN

Spoiler alert: they really like working with us.

Make Smarter Decisions

Our real-time reporting ensures your strategy is informed with the quality data that’ll help you improve all of your marketing efforts.

Our attribution model, Verified Visits™, measures TV’s true performance abilities—offering marketers real-time measurement.

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Create customizable dashboards, measure results in Google Analytics, or use MNTN’s APIs for seamless reporting in data visualization software like Tableau and Domo.

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From measurement to audiences, MNTN is integrated with top tech partners and solutions to help you analyze outcomes and maximize performance.

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Grow your business with the power of Connected TV.

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