Audience Targeting

Scale Your Audience Strategy with MNTN.

Tap into the largest pool of Connected TV households in the US with thousands of integrated audiences, customizable retargeting segments, and your CRM lists.

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Integrated Targeting Designed to Drive Performance

Combine the prestige of television with the power of precision audience targeting to deliver results at massive scale.

Performance TV Prospecting

Reach new customers by tapping into thousands of audiences available through our unique integration with LiveRamp.

Average time spent on site
Time of last visit
Pages they visited
Time since last conversion
How often they visited

Customizable Retargeting Options

Put your first party data to work to increase conversions. Retarget users based on the actions they’ve taken, their shopping activity, and their location.

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CRM Data

CRM Targeting on the TV Screen

Our platform makes it easy — just upload your data and our technology matches it across 120+ million households using proper privacy standards.

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MNTN Audiences Are Higher Quality

Data shows that users driven to advertisers’ websites by MNTN are more engaged than those who visit via other channels—even paid search.

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Get started with highly-targeted, conversion-optimized Connected TV campaigns that reach your ideal audience.