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The Strongest Attribution in CTV Today.

It’s precise. It’s accountable. It’s easy to understand. Now we’re sharing how we cracked the code on Performance TV attribution.

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Get the Full Story With Verified Visits™

Our methodology is built on three key principles of effective Connected TV performance attribution.

1. Verified Viewable Ads

2. Customizable Visit Windows

3. Cross-Device Events

Here's How it Works

No murky explanations here — it really is this simple.

Our non-skippable CTV ads are only served on premium streaming networks.

You know your sales cycle best — so you decide how long that visit window needs to be.

MNTN uses our proprietary identity graph — which monitors cross-device connections across 132 million households — to confirm that the household who watched your TV commercial is the same household visiting your website.

If the visit meets our strict criteria, MNTN is credited for the site visit.

Fully Integrated With Google Analytics

Why not get a second opinion? You can track conversions driven by Verified Visits in your Google Analytics dashboard — right alongside your other performance channels.

Demystifying TV Attribution

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas explains how marketers can attribute outcomes to their Connected TV campaigns accurately and confidently.

The Most Frequently Asked Follow-Ups

Here are the most common questions we’ve heard about MNTN’s TV attribution.

No. Verified Visits™ is trademarked by MNTN and our attribution model is patent-pending.
You can measure Verified Visits and their resulting conversions directly in MNTN’s reporting or alongside your other marketing channels in Google Analytics.
Yes. With MNTN, you can create IP-level blocklists, publisher-level blocklists, and TV network blocklists. These blocklists will ensure your ads are not served in specific households or against specific content that does not align with your brand’s suitability standards. These blocklists will not interfere with your ability to measure Verified Visits.

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