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Always on Incrementality

Drive and measure incremental conversions and revenue. Now that’s performance TV.

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Performance TV Incrementality Report
Performance TV Report

The best of the best in advertising use Performance TV

What is MNTN Performance TV?

The third scalable performance channel alongside paid search and social

We’re the only end-to-end, self-serve connected TV platform built to drive and measure down-funnel performance.

TV with ads and Performance TV Incrementality Report

Maximize ROAS

  • Automated optimization: Like search and social, MNTN automatically optimizes your campaign thousands of times per day towards performance outcomes
  • Household Takeover: Amplify your CTV campaign with cross-device messaging to improve the results of your TV campaigns by 10x
  • Creative-as-a-Subscription: A MNTN exclusive, CaaS gives marketers a regular supply of new CTV ads at no additional cost. The result: more testing, faster learning, and better outcomes.

Move Faster

  • Speed and Precision of Digital: MNTN’s intuitive, self-serve software is both easy to learn and powerful
  • No commitments: No upfronts or contracts required so you get the flexibility you need to adapt to new opportunities

Move Smarter

  • Better decisions: MNTN’s accurate and customizable real-time reporting empowers you to get actionable insights faster.
  • Time savings: MNTN's automation and real-time optimizations drive better performance so you can get more of your day back.
  • Seamless data integrations: MNTN integrates with Google Analytics. Or utilize MNTN’s APIs for seamless reporting in your data visualization software, including Tableau and Domo.
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Watch as Taylor Dunne, Senior Platform Experience Manager at MNTN, shows you everything you need to know about the report in this video.

Now for performance marketers

CTV incrementality reporting

Measure the true impact of CTV vs. results you would have produced anyway.

Actionable Insights, Better Outcomes

  • Make more informed investment decisions to maximize the value of your MNTN campaigns
  • Power MNTN’s automated, real-time optimizations with more effective inputs and drive stronger results
  • Measure incrementality with unparalleled transparency and accuracy. No black boxes. No “trusting the work we do behind the scenes.”

No Additional Costs or Effort

  • Measure results without the costs needed for traditional PSA testing
  • Execute incrementality measurement without the upfront planning other approaches require
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“We are so excited with how the shoot turned out and how well the team captured our brief. We can’t wait to get started on the next round and already have ideas on how we can target our next audience!”

Ashlee Andersson
Growth Marketing at Rumpl

A MNTN Exclusive

Power Incrementality with Creative-as-a-Subscription™

Only MNTN gives marketers a regular supply of new CTV ads at no additional cost to power performance.

More Testing

Traditional TV production costs constrain the number of ads most marketers can afford to test. CaaS removes these constraints and allows marketers to continuously A/B test with fresh CTV creatives delivered every quarter by QuickFrame.

Faster Learning

Less testing translates into slower learning and longer periods where marketers aren’t able to optimize their creative strategies. CaaS offers the ability to continuously test, so you can learn—and apply those learnings—at a faster rate.

Better Outcomes

Leverage more testing and faster learning to drive better incremental results. Plus, CaaS opens up opportunities to focus less of your investment on high production costs and more investment on driving performance.

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MNTN is built to scale performance

But don't take our word for it.

“We’re at the point now where CTV is right up there with our affiliate program, our organic search, and direct traffic. All while outperforming social and email marketing”

Brian Boduch

Performance Marketer

“As our advertising strategy continues to evolve in the digital landscape, onboarding MNTN was an easy decision. Outside of its strong digital prospecting and retargeting capabilities, the in-depth tracking dashboard helped us quantify results–leading to better strategy decisions and a 7x ROAS.”

Kate Lanier

Sr. Marketing Manager

“Since partnering with MNTN, CTV has become our fastest-growing channel. The platform allows us to serve high-quality video campaigns and explore a new database of valuable audience segments. The functionality of the dashboard provides a seamless experience and allows us to pull powerful insights, which we have utilized to increase performance across future CTV campaigns.”

Kim Zorn

Global Performance Director

“MNTN has helped us put our brand in front of new customers and allowed us to get clear reporting insights on top performing audiences and TV networks. With MNTN, our goals are frequently exceeded and we can take our learnings from the platform to other marketing channels.”

Dana Malburg

Performance Marketing Manager

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