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How Connected TV Unlocks Mother’s Day Marketing Opportunities.

Everyone watches Connected TV these days. Yes, even our mothers. And so do the people planning on buying gifts for their moms—which is why we analyzed last year’s Mother’s Day Connected TV ad campaigns to share insights into what works best.

We Analyzed Mother’s Day Connected TV Campaigns

Mother’s Day marketers tapped into MNTN Performance TV, our Connected TV ad solution, to drive new website traffic, conversions, and revenue.

We analyzed the Performance TV campaigns of advertisers in relevant verticals (think jewelry, clothing, gifting, etc.) who were active throughout April and into May. Our goal was to discover who was successful and why—and what can be learned to generate future success.

The findings reveal strong results, and importantly, opportunity for better returns in 2022. Read on to discover where those opportunities lie.

Advertisers Saw Positive Returns, But Some More than Others

Mother’s Day aligns with certain verticals and industries more so than others (sorry B2B). If you’re in an industry that would benefit from Mother’s Day promotions, the good news is similar advertisers saw strong campaign performance during the runup to the holiday.

There are other lessons to be learned that go beyond industry-specifics. Namely, there's a reason to keep budgets well-funded until the last minute—and beyond.

Strong Returns for Specific Verticals

While it was a strong seasonal stretch for many different types of advertisers, some did stand out above the rest. If your brand falls into these categories, you should strongly consider Connected TV advertising—the numbers suggest you would do quite well.

Top Return on Ad Spend by Vertical

01 Fashion & Apparel

02 Accessories

03 Home Goods

04 Kids & Baby

05 Beauty

Revenue Stayed Strong When Ad Spend Slowed

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, revenue increased alongside ad spend. Once advertisers reduced their spend in the final days leading up to the holiday, revenue dropped—but not nearly as much as spend. This suggests there is still a sizable market of paying customers to tap into in the final days.

Relationship of Revenue to Ad Spend Relationship of Revenue to Ad Spend

Late Shoppers Were Still Converting

Looking at conversions, we see the same story. Conversions tapered off but not as much as total spend. Maintaining ad spend into the final week of Mother’s Day can tap into a pool of shoppers who are still converting.

Relationship of Conversions to Ad Spend Relationship of Conversions to Ad Spend

Lessons for 2022 Connected TV Strategies

There’s major opportunities for Mother’s Day aligned verticals, and Connected TV is an effective ad channel for hitting crucial revenue goals. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind for Mother’s Day 2022.

If you need to promote Mother’s Day sales events, Connected TV is a lucrative ad channel. Be sure you’re leveraging it.

Maintain your ad budget in the final days before the holiday because shoppers are still active—there’s opportunity to drive more revenue and conversions at the last minute.

If shipping time is a concern, update creative in the final week to promote digital gift cards as a last-minute option for late shoppers.

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Ongoing Opportunities After the Holiday

Advertisers who kept campaigns active after Mother’s Day saw a continuation of strong performance. That’s because Connected TV can function as an effective evergreen ad channel—one that is well suited to promote major shopping events, as well as everyday engagement with audiences.

Evergreen Performance

Advertisers included in our analysis averaged a positive return on ad spend throughout the Mother’s Day season. This not only included the runup to Mother’s Day, but the three weeks we measured after the holiday.

Return on Ad Spend Increased Weeks Later

As Mother’s Day faded into memory, marketers’ ROAS increased. Advertisers with active campaigns heading into the end of May (the week of May 19th) saw their return ad spend outperform the average ROAS enjoyed in the leadup to the holiday.

higher ROAS vs. average

Lessons for 2022 Connected TV Strategies

Just because the holiday is over, doesn’t mean your Connected TV campaigns have to be too. This ad channel has proven to be an effective tool for marketers who need to drive conversions, site traffic, and revenue on an ongoing basis.

Once the holiday is over, switch your creative to an evergreen message and continue to drive performance.

Don’t let your ad spend fall off too considerably after the holiday is over; a well-funded campaign can deliver strong returns.


Performance TV Mother’s Day advertisers saw strong results in revenue, site visits, and conversions. What’s more, the data suggests that maintaining budgets up until the last-minute (and beyond) can pay dividends for marketers seeking performance.

As marketers look for reliable performance channels, our analysis shows that Connected TV is an option that must be considered. Not only for Mother’s Day, but for the days that fall outside major shopping events as well.

Methodology: Analysis was conducted on MNTN Performance TV advertisers using recorded performance/spend data from April 1st, 2021 to May 23rd, 2021. To be included, advertisers needed to have recorded performance/spend data for 90%+ of the days that fell within the timeframe.

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to put these learnings to work. Speak to an expert and discover how Performance TV can deliver consistently strong performance—whether it's for Mother’s Day, or any day.