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You need to find customers who will love your products — not just deliver impressions on CTV. We've created technology that goes beyond traditional TV targeting and matches you with consumers who will love your brand and take action — all to help you drive the best outcomes.

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Traditional TV audiences waste impressions

MNTN solved this problem. We'd like to introduce you to MNTN Matched.

MNTN Matched:

The Ultimate Matchmaker in CTV

MNTN Matched is a proprietary system that uses AI to score consumers in nearly every U.S. household based on their shopping behavior, recent life events, and most relevant interests — then predicts what they’ll want to buy next.

It powers the world’s first keyword-based audience builder for CTV, which lets advertisers match with the consumers who are most likely to buy their products.

Need help building an audience? Don’t fret. Generative AI creates keyword recommendations aligned with your business to make matching simple. Plus, while campaigns are live, advertisers get transparent insights down to the keyword level.

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See the MNTN Matched Difference

Advertisers see campaign performance thrive when they make the switch from traditional TV audience targeting.

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6x more Site Traffic

2x more Revenue

2x lower CPA*

*Results represent MNTN Matched customer averages compared to those that use traditional audiences.


MNTN Matched has finally allowed us to discover and hone in on our most valuable CTV customers — and the results speak for themselves. We’ve found a way to bring in new customers and maintain excellent performance as we scaled our investment. Even from an engagement standpoint, we see that users driven by MNTN stay on our site 2.5x longer than those who visit via other prospecting channels.

Eric del Valle

VP of Ecommerce, Onewheel

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How to Build High Performance Audiences With MNTN Matched

MNTN’s AI analyzes your website and mobile app to determine what your company sells and what services you provide, then creates a list of recommended audience keywords. You can then add and remove keywords, just like you do with paid search.

Using that data, MNTN’s Audience AI finds consumers across over 99% of U.S. households who, based on their predicted shopping habits, are most likely to visit your site and convert.

Your previous site visitors are automatically excluded to focus your campaign on generating new revenue.

Your budget is automatically allocated to your highest-intent audiences first. Plus, you’ll get estimated audience sizes for three buckets:

  • High-Intent Audiences, who are most likely to convert today.
  • Medium-Intent Audiences, who are still likely to engage with your brand and convert, either today or in the near future.
  • Maximum Reach Audiences, who may not be ready to engage but could be tomorrow's biggest performance wins.

Once you’re live, you’ll deliver best-in-class performance. We found that matched audiences generate 6x more site traffic, 2x more revenue, and 2x lower cost per acquisition than traditional audiences.

You’ll get real-time reporting down to the keyword level, and you can use these insights to inform optimizations in MNTN and across your other marketing channels.

How Gen AI Will Shake Up Ads

MNTN CEO Mark Douglas joined CNBC to explain how MNTN Matched is a massive leap forward for TV advertising.

Activate Customizable Retargeting Campaigns

Put your first party data to work to increase conversions. Retarget users based on the actions they’ve taken, their shopping activity, and their location.

Average time spent on site
Time of last visit
Pages they visited
Time since last conversion
How often they visited

CRM Targeting on the TV Screen

Our platform makes it easy — just upload your data and our technology matches it across over 99% of available U.S. households using proper privacy standards.

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CRM Data

Integrated Audience Segments

Reach new customers by tapping into thousands of audiences available through our unique integration with LiveRamp and other data providers.

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