2021 Campaign Planning, CTV Subscriptions, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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2021 Campaign Planning, CTV Subscriptions, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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It has been an eventful first week of 2021 to say the least—here are the headlines marketers may have missed. 

In digital marketing news, sources have been tracking how the trends of 2020 will influence marketing in this new year. Marketing Dive broke down eight of those trends, starting with how the increased duties of CMOs in the past year have opened the door for a larger stake in leadership opportunities. There is also a shorter planning and production schedule for ad campaigns than ever before. While marketers used to map out their campaigns months in advance, the events of the last year have forced brands to change or halt campaign plans at any time. Marketers will have to continue being especially flexible this year, while still balancing this speed with hitting long-term brand goals. 

And in Connected TV news, sources are also evaluating how the events of the previous year will affect consumer behavior going forward – and how marketers can adjust to these changes. Adweek spoke to several television and media analysts about the shifts they expect to see in 2021, and which changes brought about by the pandemic will prove to be permanent. Steve Nason, the research director of Parks Associates, believes that one of the biggest changes that will occur this year is that there will be a tipping point in the number of CTV subscriptions that consumers pay for. The economic uncertainty of 2020 is likely to continue into this year, and more consumers will be turning to free ad-supported services while dropping some of their pricier streaming subscriptions. 

Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week.


7 SEO Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 – Business 2 Community – A strong SEO strategy allows a company to position its website to attract more visitors, increasing the chances of turning these prospects into customers.

Google employees form The Alphabet Workers Union – The Alphabet Workers Union is the first of its kind in the company’s history – the first union open to all employees and contractors at any Alphabet company, with dues-paying members, an elected board of directors, and paid organizing staff.

10 Marketing Trends for 2021 [Infographic] – Liana Technologies looks at the big shifts coming out of COVID-19 and placed them into the context of how they’ll impact the future – with increased video consumption, influencer marketing, hybrid events and more.

8 marketing trends to watch for in 2021 as aftereffects of a volatile year linger – Brands will continue to feel pressure to fill gaps during a patchwork pandemic recovery, while CMOs must juggle intensified mandates around areas like data and commerce.


How Quibi became 2020’s biggest dud in digital media – Few media endeavors have had such spectacular flameouts and, like Quibi’s short-form shows, the end came quickly. So, looking back on 2020, Quibi deserves a special place on the list of brand blunders.

2021 Will See B2B Advertising Find its Home on Connected TV – Connected TV has proven itself to be especially effective for B2C business — ecommerce, direct-to-consumer, and brick-and-mortar businesses have all reaped the benefits. 

What Advertisers Can Expect from Programmatic Advertising in 2021 – The array of challenges in 2020 from COVID-19 served as a catalyst for businesses in every industry to reevaluate their operating procedures.

Analysts Explain What This Year’s Seismic TV Changes Mean for 2021 – Which changes brought on by the pandemic are temporary, and which will have permanent ramifications across the TV industry?

Samsung’s new TVs: Bigger sizes for home theaters during COVID-19 – 57% of consumers exercise or work out in their living room, according to the tech giant’s internal consumer research. As more life has revolved around the home, consumers have “rediscovered the value of TV,” said Mike Kadish, director of TV marketing for Samsung.


4 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021 – Business 2 Community – There are plenty of exciting ways to grow your business in 2021. More people are using email and social media than ever before, and the result is plenty of new opportunities for leaders and marketing teams across all industries.

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2021 – From app monetization through subscription to data protection with iOS 14 – Adjusts analysis reveals clear trends for the mobile market in the coming year.

11 Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Dominate Early 2021 – Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share the mobile marketing trends they believe will take off in the first half of next year.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.