Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Micro-Moments, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Micro-Moments, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week there was a lot to cover in digital marketing news. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most useful stories, we compiled a list of the most interesting headlines. 

In mobile marketing news, many marketers are noticing a trend among consumers with tablets and smart phones. An article from Adweek explores the phenomena, in which people automatically grab their phones multiple times a day in order to watch a video, take an action or look up something. Google recently came up with the term “micro-moments” to describe this behavior, which has become intertwined with daily life as society becomes increasingly mobile-first. These days, customers expect to have information at hand on a moments notice, and marketers are beginning to realize that the consumer journey has fractured into these intent-driven micro-moments. According to Adweek, over half of smartphone users discover new companies and products this way. They recommend that brands focus on creating intuitive experiences for customers with video content, and use these micro-moments to tell a brands story and maximize on these tiny customer checkpoints. 

Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our attention this week. 


7 Lessons From Leading SEO at a Digital Marketing Agency – Leading SEO at a digital marketing agency or even growing an agency of your own is fraught with potential pitfalls. Here are a few lessons to help you out.

Stronger-Than-Expected Economic Boom to Boost 2021 US Ad Revenue – A stronger-than-expected economic resurgence will help give the U.S. advertising industry a much-needed jolt this year following the pandemic. 

Myth or Truth: AI is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Industry? – In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has become a vital entity in the realms of digital marketing, with digital marketers across the globe leveraging AI to streamline and optimize digital marketing campaigns and gain client loyalty in the digital age. 

What Substack’s Success Portends for Digital Marketing – Substack’s success speaks to more than the growing appeal of independence for superstar journalists. It illustrates the growing power of email as a way for both journalists and companies to own their relationship with their audiences. 

Transaction Data Is a Powerful Predictor of Future Behavior – It may be a marketing cliché that “most customers are predictable.” But like most sayings with staying power, the phrase is true: Past behavior is, indeed, the best predictor of customers’ future behavior. 


How Tuning Into Connected TV Can Help Retailers and Brands This Year – There are 84 million households streaming on connected TV — a big opportunity for fashion and retail brands.

Connected TV faces its own identity crisis with the IP address’s future in doubt  – There are no cookies in the Connected TV advertising market, which instead relies on IP addresses to target, manage, and measure ads running on CTV devices and smart TVs.

It’s Time to Find the Right Budget to Shift Linear TV Ad Dollars to Streaming – Roku’s Kristina Shepard explores what brands should know about the ideal share shift from traditional linear TV to TV streaming.

Streaming is surging, and so are data collaborations – TransUnion’s new partnership with Blockgraph supports precision ad targeting while protecting viewer privacy.

Roku Dominates CTV Ad Views In Second-Half 2020 – Although they are neck and neck in terms of U.S. monthly active connected TV accounts of around 50 million, Roku dominates Amazon Fire TV in terms of premium video advertising views, according to a report from FreeWheel, Comcast’s ad-technology company.


Spotify Buys Locker Room Live Audio App Owner, Vevo Ad Inventory Now On FreeWheel Platform – As part of its push into live audio, Spotify has acquired Betty Labs, a sports-focused tech company behind live social audio app Locker Room.

Slow recovery ahead for mobile marketers post-Apple tracking crackdown – The real impact on media spending from Apple’s imminent tracking crackdown isn’t yet clear, but the actual amount is likely to be severe — at least in the short-term.

Consumers Are Checking Their Phones 60 Times a Day. Here’s How to Monetize These Micro-Moments – Many people automatically grab their phones or tablets to watch a video, take an action or look up something multiple times a day. As society becomes truly “mobile-first,” these “micro-moments” are now intertwined with our daily lives. 

Snap Helps Marketers Gear Up for a Return to Normalcy in Back-to-School Sales – While there is still ample time left in the current school year, there is also ample time for marketers to begin preparing for the next school year, and Snap Inc. is providing them with resources to optimize for a hopeful return to in-person learning. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.