Changing Channels: Taking TV Data to Other Ad Platforms

A/B testing with Connected TV can help inform your creative strategy across the board

Changing Channels: Taking TV Data to Other Ad Platforms

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A true marketer is always testing. To make the most of an ad budget, these constant tests help to eke out every possible conversion or site visit. Good news for those advertisers who are A/B testing on the TV screen: Connected TV’s digital roots give advertisers powerful and timely data about the performance of their creative–and these insights can be applied beyond the TV screen.

Alexa Guttroff is joining Advertising Week to give insider information on how CTV reporting can inform more than just your next CTV campaign. The insights CTV data, such as A/B testing results, provides can help you hack your overall ad strategy. Be sure to register now to learn how to maximize the plethora of data you get from these campaigns.

Get creative with your ad creative

As all marketers know, testing is a vital part of any well-planned ad strategy. A/B testing creative can be enlightening, showing you what your target audience really responds to and what drives performance results. Connected TV platforms, such as MNTN Performance TV, make it easy to set up an A/B test with your campaigns. Once live, CTV’s real-time reporting shows results quickly so that you have enough time to make adjustments before your next round of creative development. 

However, the benefits don’t stop at creative development for your CTV campaigns. These insights can help you determine what creative is working and should be run on other platforms. These other platforms may make it harder to A/B test or are more expensive, so reusing your CTV results allows you to strategically spend with these outlets. Prioritize your top-performing creatives instead of spending on ones that don’t convert. Despite the lack of data from linear TV ad buys, you can still benefit from the data-rich CTV, using your A/B tests to select what to run, hacking the TV screen no matter where you’re spending.

Combine creative insights with audience intel to make a bigger impact

The power of CTV’s reporting is only amplified when combined with other insights the data provides. Audience Segment Reporting is a powerful tool on its own and one we’ve covered previously. As you learn more about your audience, you can combine this intel with the results of your A/B creative testing to determine what creative works best for each specific audience. Then, you can prioritize those creatives for where you know those audiences are watching. Plus, these insights can help fuel your creative ideation, helping you make targeted and performance-driven creative by audience.

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The data gleaned from your Connected TV campaigns provides invaluable insights into your overall ad mix. To learn more about applying this data to your ad strategy be sure to register for the webinar “Can You Hack It? How Connected TV Can Inform Your Ad Strategy” in partnership with Advertising Week. Register here