Customer Loyalty, CTV Healthcare Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Customer Loyalty, CTV Healthcare Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Last week there was a lot of industry news for marketers to stay on top of – with everything from maintaining customer loyalty to tackling healthcare marketing on Connected TV making waves. To make it easier to see the most important stories, we created this roundup of the best marketing articles from last week. 

In digital marketing news, the pandemic has forever changed the way that consumers interact with brands. A new McKinsey report found that over 75% of consumers have tried new brands over the last year, which may indicate a dip in overall brand loyalty. Luckily, Adweek has some recommendations for brands looking to build confidence, reliability, and consistency into their customer experiences. Their first suggestion is to be consistent – during uncertain times, customers are eager to have an experience that is always positive and doesn’t trip them up when they return. Adweek also recommends that brands work to keep the lines of communications open, as well as optimizing their digital channels. By keeping these factors in mind, brands will have an easier time with both retaining their current customers and attracting new customers through the rest of the year and beyond. 

And in Connected TV news, as the healthcare industry continues to grow this year (to the tune of $11 billion in ad spend) many of these brands are looking for new ways to find their customers. A new article from AdExchanger explores the advantages the brands have by serving their ads on Connected TV. The first is the targeting capabilities, which can help ensure that healthcare ads are reaching the perfect audiences for each brands’ products. Healthcare brands are also eager to see more flexibility in their ad channels – last year’s pandemic made the upfronts process of advertising on linear TV a challenge, and many healthcare marketers pulled back their budgets to avoid upsetting potential customers. Advertising on Connected TV, on the other hand, allows these brands to adjust their campaigns and audiences at will. Ultimately, AdExchanger believes that 2021 is shaping up to be the year of Healthcare advertising on Connected TV

Check out the rest of the news from last week in our roundup below. 


First-Party Data Is Your Future – In theory, delivering a superior customer experience seems simple: Find a way to delight people by making sure everything you do anticipates or fulfills a need that they have.

Personalization Rage: What Consumers Will Do When Brands Get It Wrong – Consumers prefer email marketing about sales or promotions above other messaging. But many will drop you over sub-par personalization, judging by Audience of One: Consumer Expectations and the Power of Personalization, a study by Movable Ink. 

Consumer Loyalty Is Up for Grabs—What Are You Doing to Retain Customers? – Covid-19 dramatically changed the way consumers interact with brands, and the impact may last far beyond the pandemic.


Discovery Q2: Ad Revenue Up 12%, D2C Subscribers Hit 18M – Discovery, now in the process of merging with WarnerMedia, saw strong gains in ad revenue, D2C subscribers and overall performance in its second quarter.

WarnerMedia Brand Studio Offers HBO Max Marketing Pathways – WarnerMedia’s ad sales team is looking to make HBO Max’s new ad-supported tier even more attractive to advertisers.

How to Champion the Channel: Connected TV Advertising – As Connected TV becomes a widespread mode of media consumption, digital marketers are taking notice of the opportunities in connected TV advertising. 

Tackling The Challenge Of Healthcare Marketing In CTV – The Connected TV streaming boom is drawing a traditionally conservative group of marketers in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, who are attracted to CTV’s targeting and customization capabilities.

YouTube’s Struggle to Win Linear TV Ad Revenue Dollars – Google is having trouble convincing large advertisers that YouTube is a proper substitute for TV, as large brands and ad agencies say that the platform lacks the sophistication of rivals in connected TV like Roku and The Trade Desk.


How Social Media Is Failing Luxury Brands – Social media promotion is far from a surefire way to attract affluent consumers. That’s according to luxury marketing consultancy Unity Marketing, whose recent study posits that “social media is grossly underperforming luxury companies’ expectations.

How Apple’s Privacy Update Impacts Mobile App Advertising – iPhone privacy changes are affecting companies like Zynga, which said its advertising has been less effective 

Instagram Begins Testing Ads in Instagram Shop Tab – Ads will appear on the homepage for the Instagram Shop tab, and clicking on them will bring users to a product details page where they can get information on the item, view additional images and browse other offerings from the brand.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.