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Digital Marketing Stats, Mobile Email Strategy, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Digital Marketing Stats, Mobile Email Strategy, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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A lot has happened over the past week, so we compiled a list of interesting headlines to make it easy for marketers to keep on top of the news.

Merkle has just released their comprehensive guide to the state of digital marketing in Q1 of 2020. This report contains insights on how the pandemic has changed marketing YOY, such as the growth of organic search by 53% for essential retailers and the fall of organic clicks by 31% for apparel merchandisers. And Forbes has also released some roundups that will be useful for marketers, including what to do when your budget is slashed, and how to choose the best KPIs for your digital strategy.

Social media and mobile news have also been making some waves this week. Social media giant Twitter has created a dataset of tweets related to COVID19 that they are allowing academic teams to use in the research of the virus and its spread. And in mobile news, new research has revealed just how much mobile devices have changed email marketing. Mobile has become the main way users access their email accounts – with the study finding that 62% of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2019. This kind of data indicates that a shift in focus may be necessary when strategizing for and designing email marketing campaigns, and mobile-first should be on every marketers’ radar. 

Here are some of the headlines in the marketing world that captured our attention this week. 


Three Ways Digital Marketing Will Change Post COVID-19 – It is clear that some businesses have to rethink their archaic marketing strategies. Here are a few considerations for marketers while planning for a post-COVID-19 future.

Council Post: Seven Creative Things To Do When Your Marketing Budget Is Cut – A company’s marketing spend is often one of the first areas to get reduced when times are tough. However, decreasing spending may not always be the right thing to do. 

How to Execute Successful Content Marketing – There are many ways to foster connection between your brand and your customers. With a few simple steps, here’s how to update your strategies to help stay connected.

Best practices for digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis – For digital marketers, the current environment is rife with potential pitfalls, but likewise with alluring opportunities for reaching customers in a captive state.

The State Of Digital Marketing In Q1 2020 – This report explores how search ad spend levels trended by industry amid the pandemic, the state of organic search and paid social and why Amazon ad spend may rebound sooner than later.

How To Choose KPIs For Your Digital Marketing Strategies – Digital marketing is taking the business world by storm. Approximately 83% of businesses believe that their current digital marketing efforts are successful in assisting their goals.


Facts on the Stats – Social Media Marketing During the Stay-at-Home COVID Crisis – While many businesses have shut their doors and a whole bunch of folks are out of work, this has given more time for people to spend passing the time on Social Media. 

Twitter Provides Access to COVID-19 Related Tweet Dataset to Assist Researchers – Twitter will provide selected academic teams with full access to the public tweet conversation about COVID-19 as part of a new dataset designed to help in the research of the virus and its spread.

Snapchat pilots ‘first commercial’ video takeover ads – Snap started testing an ad format that shows a commercial before the first show that people watch each day on Snapchat.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Entire Business on Social Media – There’s something that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can’t compete with at the same level as blogging – SEO, or search engine optimization.

Pinterest Joins ‘Stand for Small’ Coalition to Assist SMBs, Provides New Resource Hub – Pinterest searches for “support small business” increased by over 350% during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and small businesses play a key role in the broader Pinterest eco-sphere.

8 Digital Strategy Updates That Brands Should Make Right Now – With entire industries on pause due to COVID-19, many companies have had to quickly pivot their marketing and social media in order to stay in business and be relevant in a new world.


Snapchat camera marketing comes into focus during quarantine – Interactive lenses have helped organizations like Rituals Cosmetics and the WHO connect with users who are ready to interact, a Snap executive said in a recent webinar.

Key insights: Day one post COVID-19, the mobile app economy takes centre stage, the martech-scape and more – Education and grocery site searches rose exponentially, the martech industry has grown by 13.6% in size, the five essentials ads must have for success and how social media advertising shows potential.

Mobile in-app monetisation: do it right! – As digital marketing shifts towards mobile, the opportunity for mobile app publishers and developers is enormous. But do they have the right strategies in place to capture the ad dollars pouring into mobile?

Facebook introduces Messenger Rooms for 50-person video meetings – Facebook is tapping into the video meeting craze with the introduction of Messenger Rooms. Facebook said that Rooms is rolling out in “some countries” this week.

Why Are Chatbots Important? – For many organizations, the chatbot has become a crucial part of their customer service function to deliver an advanced customer experience.

How Mobile Has Changed Email Marketing – Some reports suggest that mobile devices accounted for as many as 62% of email opens in 2019. Here are just a few ways that our mobile-first world has impacted the email marketing channel.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.