Digital Marketing Successes, Connected TV Gaining Ad Dollars, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Digital Marketing Successes, Connected TV Gaining Ad Dollars, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week in marketing news, we have seen coverage of everything from essential attributes of successful digital marketing to Connected TV picking off ad dollars from other channels. To make it easier for marketers to stay on top of the most important news, we have compiled a list of the top headlines that caught our attention.

As we enter the tenth month since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we all live our lives, many marketing teams are evaluating which experiments worked for them in this new normal in order to continue to be successful in the future. This week, ClickZ identified the three essential attributes that marketing teams will need to employ in order to continue succeeding. The first of those is expansive creativity, which is traditionally thought of as the actual design and messaging of a brand. But according to ClickZ, marketers also need to be creative in how they implement and integrate technology into their campaigns so they can be accurately tracked and reported. Marketing teams should also continue to be agile and spend even more time focusing on their strategic alignment so that campaign results match their goals. 

In Connected TV news, this channel continues to make an impact on the marketing world at large. This week, a new article from Digiday covered how ad dollars have continued following audiences to CTV. This transition was already in the works due to the large number of cord-cutting and cord-never viewers who have been adopting CTV streaming options in order to watch their favorite shows, and this year has seen an even more dramatic increase. This was especially obvious during the Upfronts and Newfronts, where major advertisers reported that the amount they would be dedicating to streaming ranged from 25-30% of their upfront budgets – a large increase from the less than 20% they dedicated in previous years. This shift is in large part because of the COVID pandemic, as many desirable audiences continue to be stuck at home and are more price conscious than ever. And with viewers continuing to stream at an increased rate despite loosening restrictions, marketers should continue to take advantage of this powerful channel when deciding how to allocate ad dollars in the future. 

Check out the rest of the articles that made waves in the marketing world this this week below.


A Closer Analysis of the Presidential Email Marketing Campaigns – Integrated campaigns such as these are one of the most exciting areas of marketing to dig into. There are even some great marketing psychology lessons, too

Digital resilience: 3 essential attributes marketing teams need to succeed – We’re often so focused on the artistic side of creativity that we forget to value the contributions we can make in creatively implementing tech to support the business – whether in the realm of analytics and reporting or the work management life cycle.

7 Marketing Disasters That Turned Out to Be Precious Lessons – They teach us that every mistake we make will ultimately steer us in the right direction as long as we learn the lesson and retain the necessary vigor to keep going.

What You Need to Know About Marketing to Digital Boomers  – Baby Boomers are one of the wealthiest generations to date, and brands are working to understand Boomers and craft marketing campaigns that really reach them. Where many fail is in assuming that this older generation can’t – or won’t – use technology.


‘CTV took from everybody’: How connected TV won this year’s upfront – Ad dollars have already started following audiences who are increasing tuning out of linear TV and into streaming. But this year that flow of money picked up pace. 

Connected TV Viewing Climbs 57%, Smart TV Platforms Double Streaming Viewing Share – Connected TV set-top-box devices – Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV – continue to command the largest share of all worldwide streaming viewing. But internal, onscreen smart TV platforms are gaining.

Supply-Path Optimization Is Coming to Connected TV – Agencies have been embracing supply-path optimization for display inventory, but the mechanics of culling through supply partners is different in the growing, but immature connected TV space. 

Election Ads Pushing Brands To Connected TV:’s Moore 

With election campaign ads flooding the TV airwaves, some other TV advertisers are turning to connected TV to get their message across.

The Connected TV opportunity in Europe – With penetration and usage growing rapidly, many executives believe that Connected TVs have the potential to revolutionise the TV ad market – driving convergence between TV and digital and creating new opportunities for addressable TV advertising and format innovation. 


Customer Loyalty: How Mobile Has Transformed Loyal Customers – Mobile apps have completely changed the way rewards programs work to drive customer loyalty. Most importantly, mobile devices are constantly attached to consumers, easily accessible at any moment.

Gaming the system: why marketers are underestimating gaming – Despite the huge amount of time spent across gaming, from console to casual mobile gaming, the understanding and investment from marketers is still in early stages.

T-Mobile Stock Rises 55% In 7 Months, More Gains On The Way – Despite an impressive 55% rise since its March lows of this year, at the current price of $116 per share, we believe T-Mobile stock still has some upside left. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.