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Employee Social Features, the Impulse Generation, & More | Biweekly Marketing News

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Employee Social Features, the Impulse Generation, & More | Biweekly Marketing News

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It is always helpful to stay on top of the news in order to react quickly to new updates. In order to follow the impacts of COVID on the world at large, we compiled this list of interesting headlines from the second half of this week. 

This week, many articles were written on how to make an impact with your marketing despite the unusual circumstances. According to Glossy, one tactic that has been working for many brands is featuring employees in their company’s advertising. This is partly due to practical issues caused by social distancing orders, but has made a surprising impact on consumers who are in similar situations. And not only does this strategy humanize a brand, it also can be implemented at a fraction of the cost.

In social news, there has been a lot of focus on adjusting a brand’s marketing to fit different age groups. In one article by Vogue Business, they outline the best ways to get your advertising in front of GenZ consumers, along with advice on how to keep them engaged and happy with your brand. Another article on Mobile Marketer asks the question of whether the way we delineate between different age groups may not be effective. Instead, they recommend breaking audiences up by behavior, with groups like “Impulse Generation” which make quick decisions and have short attention span. Marketers should look to ideas like this can make the difference in whether your marketing floats or thrives. 

Here are the headlines in marketing news that caught our eye.


Digital Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever – Digital marketing has never been more relevant and necessary for businesses of all sizes to ensure they can be found by consumers online. 

Digital Marketing During COVID-19: 5 Ways to Help Brands Thrive – Daniel Sun, VP Analyst at Gartner, says “Companies need to leverage a systematic approach to strengthen the resilience of their current business models to ensure their ongoing operation during COVID-19.”

Featuring employees in brand marketing is resonating with consumers – A growing number of brands are using their own employees as models and subjects of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategies That Won’t Break The Bank During Tough Times – There are several tactics that all businesses can use to improve their marketing without breaking the bank. These marketing tips just might help bring in some much-needed business.

Digital marketing post-crisis is not just about how you sell, but how you serve – The most significant shift for brands will be the acceleration of default digital behaviours and, as a result, the role their digital ecosystems will play in their marketing strategies.

4 best practices for unlocking the full potential of your marketing campaigns  – With more channels available than ever before, marketers need to make sure their media investment decisions are based on measurement data they can trust. 


4 Ways to Use Social Media to Organically Boost Brand Visibility – You might be tempted to pay for ads, but engagement will go much further if it’s organic. People who naturally land on your profile are more likely to follow you and, consequently, more likely to become customers.

When all your audience is on social media, don’t stop your marketing budget – While competitors reduce their marketing spend and focus on short-term product sales, investing in marketing can be used to soften losses during this time and drive long term growth.

Snap revenue surges 44% as user base expands 11M – Snap’s revenue jumped 44% to $462.5 million in Q1 from a year earlier, and the daily user base for its Snapchat photo-messaging app rose 11 million during the quarter to 229 million.

Marketing to Gen Z during Covid-19  – Young consumers would like brands to be transparent and collaborative in their efforts to support people during the pandemic.

7 Brands Experimenting With New Social Media Marketing Approaches During COVID-19 – These seven brands adapted and changed quickly to their new environments and they acted decisively and knowing full-well they were taking a bit of a gamble.


Should Mobile Marketers Rethink Consumers’ Age Differences? – Given the immense changes wrought by the digital age, marketers should rethink the way they’ve traditionally distinguished between consumers of different generations.

The Evolution of Graduation – Schools Using Mobile Drive-In To Celebrate Success – Some schools have chosen to postpone events, while others have scheduled virtual graduation, but The Mobile Drive-In Graduation Ceremony brings the virtual graduation to life.

Apps must address the needs of real people – Mobile usage is growing fast, with users predicted to rise from 62 per cent of the population in 2017, to 79 per cent in 2025. 

How Precise Location-Based Advertising is the Future of Mobile Marketing – Today we can, with some certainty, see where a mobile user might be at a specific place and time, but what can brands really understand?


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.