Holiday Shopping, CTV Advertising Advantages, & More | Weekly Marketing News

Holiday Shopping, CTV Advertising Advantages, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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As many industry professionals know well, in the world of marketing, the news moves pretty fast. To make it easier to keep up with the top articles that were released this week, we compiled this roundup of headlines that marketers should be reading. 

With the arrival of fall, if marketers haven’t yet begun thinking about their holiday campaigns, now’s the time. And MediaPost has some recommendations for those looking to prepare for the upcoming shopping season. Last year, consumers took advantage of online shopping during the pandemic, and this year is shaping up to be similar. But some shoppers are interested in a more hybrid approach, and advertisers should keep both digital and brick-and-mortar shopping in mind with their campaigns. MediaPost also found that many consumers are expecting to spend more this year, so they recommend that brands start their sales early and optimize their web and social channels in anticipation of this upcoming influx of holiday shoppers.

In Connected TV news, CTV adoption has been growing steadily over the last year, and 82% of U.S. households currently own at least one internet-connected TV. But some advertisers (especially B2B advertisers) have been hesitant to add this channel to their marketing mixes due to some common misconceptions. In a new article from AdAge, they highlight some of the top reasons that B2B brands should be looking into Connected TV. The first is this channel’s ability to target specific audiences – unlike linear TV, CTV allows marketers to really hone in on consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products and services. And once that ad has been served, Connected TV empowers those marketers to proactively learn and adjust their campaigns with precise measurement and attribution.

To read more about the top stories released this week, check out our roundup below. 


3 Ways to Boost Digital Engagement With Better Accessibility Solutions – As businesses begin to rebound from the economic downturn of the past year, advertising spend is once again surging. The Wall Street Journal reported that companies plan to increase their advertising budgets by 15% in 2021, the largest jump since the end of WWII. 

First Week Of Fall — So, What’s Your Holiday Sales Strategy? – While the biggest top-of-mind issue should be why pumpkin spice lattes are being sold in 90-degree weather, in reality, it’s winter and the holiday shopping season we must focus on.

The Rise of Digital Marketing in Medtech – Healthcare professionals (HCPs), like many others, have been profoundly affected by the shift to remote work triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook Has Been Underreporting iOS Web Conversions by Roughly 15% – Facebook is starting to feel the effects of the privacy changes Apple implemented with its iOS 14.5 operating system, admitting in a blog post Wednesday that it has been underreporting iOS web conversions.

Practical Steps Brands Can Take To Navigate Disruption – For years we have seen new smaller and digitally native competitors grab market share from larger consumer goods companies. For many, the current turmoil is providing them with opportunities to solidify their positions thanks in large part to their agile, digital-first operating models.


As CTV Data Wars Escalate, You May Already be Data-Rich – Device data is the latest hot spot in the streaming wars—but advertisers may not know they already possess some of the best audience data available.

Why Nielsen’s Failure Is an Opportunity for the Industry – News that Nielsen is no longer accredited by the Media Ratings Council didn’t surprise anyone. But the news should be a wake-up call for the industry to unite around a common solution for the industry-wide challenge of measurement and data.

Roku, Shopify Partner to Increase Access to CTV Ad Campaigns – Roku is launching an app that allows Shopify sellers to develop and purchase TV ad campaigns. Roku would not share an exact launch date, but the app is expected to be released ahead of the holiday season. 

Top Streaming TV Strategies B2B Brands can Use Right Now – Despite CTV becoming widespread as a mode of media consumption, many marketers—especially  B2B marketers—are hesitant to add CTV advertising to their media mix. 

Fashion Brands are Experimenting with Linear and Connected TV Advertising – Though a long list of categories suffered during the pandemic — the wedding industry, movie theaters, formalwear — television and streaming were among the lucky exceptions that managed to see a big boost. 

As TV Viewing Shifts, Networks Vow Patience With New Shows – Viewing habits shifted dramatically from linear to streaming during the pandemic, and broadcasters are vowing to be more patient than ever as they evaluate the performance of their new shows. 

The Streaming Wars – Everything Marketers Should Know – The meteoric rise of streaming services is disrupting the $70 billion TV advertising market—a trend guaranteed to accelerate as coveted TV viewers continue to stray from linear TV, fragment across digital platforms and become increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach. 


Pinterest Predicts Sees 80% Success Rate for 2021 – For the second consecutive year, Pinterest Predicts posted an 80% success rate, as 80% of the trends for 2021 that it predicted at the end of last year continued to climb throughout this year. 

How Marketers can Make the Most of their Mobile Marketing in the Post-Covid World – Jeremy Smart, VP of sales for Acoustic, believes marketers need to revisit their mobile strategy. They need to get the SMS right back in the action, he says, “not only as a channel but as an integral part of their business strategy to reach consumers who are in lockdown.” 

Video Streamers Go Big On Social Media — Disney, HBO Max And Hulu Up Spend – Looking to gain young, new streaming consumers, premium streaming platforms have been increasing spending on social media.

Full-funnel Marketing in the Age of Mobile – There are plenty of examples of full-funnel marketing by brands, but they are rarely linear and never uncomplicated. The customer journey mostly takes place across different media and over an unpredictable period of time.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.