Is It a Fad or a Fit? How to Pick Your Next Ad Channel

5 questions to ask before testing a new platform

Is It a Fad or a Fit? How to Pick Your Next Ad Channel

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It’s time to drop your tried-and-true ad channels and focus all your energy on TikTok. Or is it? Headlines may make you believe that the newest ad channels are worth the time and investment to make the leap. But is that the right fit for your B2B business, or should you linger with the ad channels you know?

Eric Hatzenbuhler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at MNTN, will join MarTech to discuss how to evaluate the newest ad platforms to make the most out of your ad budget (and your limited time!). To learn more about what questions to ask before you launch and how to determine whether your test was a success, register now.

Create a Rubric to Determine If an Ad Channel Is Worth Your Time and Budget

By outlining a set list of questions by which to judge an ad channel, you can accurately compare your options as they pop up, saving you time and giving each channel a fair analysis. Before Eric moves MNTN to a new platform, he spends some time researching the new solution. Below are some of the questions he uses to evaluate:

  1. Do our prospects use this channel? Don’t spend your time learning that TikTok dance if your audience is busy over on LinkedIn. Eric points out that Connected TV is a great solution as almost everyone watches TV.
  2. What audience targeting capabilities do I have? Not only do your prospects need to be on the platform, but you need to be able to reach them. Take a look to see if you can target based on personas, use your site data to retarget, or even target your ABM lists. This will help you determine whether the investment in the channel is worth your time.
  3. Do we have existing assets to run on this platform or do we need new ones? Before you can test, you’ll need the right creative. If you are looking to test a video solution, look to repurpose video assets that you’ve used on other platforms. However, if you don’t have the assets you need, don’t panic! There are solutions, such as QuickFrame by MNTN, that can help without requiring the cost and commitment of a creative agency.
  4. Is it brand safe? Do a scan of industry news to ensure that you’re launching on a brand-safe platform. No new platform is worth the risk to your brand’s safety.
  5. How much time and knowledge is necessary to maximize success on the platform? Once you’ve run a successful test, will you have time to continue to maintain this new channel? If it will take more time to learn or keep this channel than you have to invest, look to test other channels that complement your ad mix and fit within your bandwidth.

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These are just a few examples of how to determine whether a new ad platform is right for your business.  To learn more about expanding your ad mix, be sure to register for the webinar “Leap or Linger: Determining Which Ad Platforms to Test for Your B2B Brand” in partnership with MarTech. Register here