Localized Content, Youtube Spending Shifts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Localized Content, Youtube Spending Shifts, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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A lot has happened this week in marketing news. Here are some of the headlines that got our attention this week. 


Digital Marketing Tips for 2020 – There are still many opportunities to take advantage of during these unprecedented and challenging times to reach customers through digital marketing, starting with these tips. 

Learn What Gen Z Expects From Brands Post-Pandemic – Social distancing and global orders to quarantine have led brands and advertisers struggling with how to connect with Gen Z, the digitally born demographic.

Five Tips For Creating A Content Marketing Strategy In 2020 – Brands must be increasingly smart in creating strategies that not only maintain the loyalty of their existing customers, but also help them attract new ones. 

5 Content Marketing Action Items During a Pandemic – Modify your content marketing action plan by seeing it through the COVID-19 prism. Here are five thing you can do to keep your content efforts going.

Why Localized Content Is More Important Than Ever – Marketers understand the value that comes from strengthening personal connections with their audiences, and the impact these efforts have in creating long-term customer loyalty.

Listening to change: Customer experience execs share insights on navigating COVID-19 – Many brands are shifting focus from sales to brand-building during the pandemic and harnessing data that serves as the voice of customers.   


YouTube Wants the $10 Billion in TV Ad Spend Up for Grabs – Alphabet thinks time spent streaming YouTube on television sets is under-monetized, and it could serve as a better way to spend ad budgets previously earmarked for linear TV.  

Is Reach On Connected TV Surpassing Linear TV? – American adults streamed almost 142 billion hours of content during the week of May 11, up roughly 43% from a year ago, according to Nielsen.

AVOD Acquisitions Could Spur Advanced Advertising – Multichannel – Advanced advertising could accelerate with the acquisitions of the top free streaming video services by larger, traditional media companies. 

The Virtual Upfronts: 10 Ways Advertisers Should Adjust their TV Thinking in the Quarantine Era – Here are 10 considerations for advertisers as they work through the industry’s favorite time of year — changed as it has been by one of the most consequential periods in our modern history.


Three Reasons Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media In 2020 – It’s no doubt that traditional forms of marketing are no longer as effective as they used to be, and those who are seeing success by utilizing digital marketing may be missing out on key strategies that can accelerate growth further.

Snapchat launches Dynamic Product Ads, adidas, Farfetch and Topshop among early users  – Snapchat has launched Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs), which are designed to make it easier than ever for brands to set up their eCommerce business on Snapchat.

Facebook, AppsFlyer team on in-app ad measurement for game developers – Facebook Audience Network, the social media giant’s platform for advertising on other mobile apps, is working with analytics firm AppsFlyer to provide ad tracking for game developers.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.