Marketing in the Metaverse, CTV Device Ownership Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Marketing in the Metaverse, CTV Device Ownership Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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The new year is finally here, and that means more industry content for marketers to read. Luckily, we’re continuing our weekly marketing news roundup to make it easier to see it all in one place. 

In digital marketing news, the metaverse continues to shake up expectations for 2022. In a new article, Adweek explains that while the concept of this technology has been hard to pin down in an actionable way, big brands such as Nike, Gucci, and Disney have already indicated their interest. There are a few reasons that the metaverse is expected to reshape the world of digital marketing. According to the article, consumers are interested in interactive and immersive experiences, and with it’s 3D and VR foundations, the metaverse is built to provide just that. Adweek also notes that the metaverse is expected to affect the customer journey, as it provides a full funnel path to purchase within it’s platform. Ultimately, while it still isn’t certain how much the metaverse will affect the industry overall, it has some interesting implications on where digital marketing might end up in the future. 

And in the world of Connected TV, the number of households with a CTV device continues to grow. According to a new study from Parks Associates, nearly 70% of US broadband households have at least one streaming video product that is connected to the internet. Many households use those devices to watch streaming services, with 80% reporting they watch at least one streaming service, and almost half (49%) four or more services. This has led to a corresponding increase in the average number of hours spent watching programs on Connected TV. In the report, Park’s Associate’s director of research states, “The streaming video market has experienced increased service usage, and consumers are watching streamed video content on multiple devices in the home and increasingly from multiple services. The role of streaming video across multiple platforms is more important than ever before in the entertainment mix for consumers.” 

Check out the rest of the top marketing news stories in our list below.


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How Targeted Programmatic Display Can Help Grow Your Business – Digital awareness, particularly in marketing, has become essential, and with programmatic display advertising, you can reach potential customers much more efficiently. 


What Experts Say You Need to Know About CTV in 2022 – It’s the worst kept secret in advertising: 2021 was the year of CTV. And as a result, advertisers are doubling down on their CTV advertising commitments.  

Programmatic Players Lunge Toward Connected TV in 2022 – Almost every programmatic player has cast a line in the CTV ocean, hoping to reel in a piece of the $65 billion in linear media spend that many view as up for grabs in the new streaming reality.

Roku CFO Expects More Streaming Consolidation in 2022 and Beyond – CFO Steve Louden said there will probably be fewer apps over time on Roku and in the TV ecosystem, and that it could translate into opportunities for Roku on the content and advertising sides either through partnerships or acquisitions.

DTC Brands Embrace CTV for Ad Campaigns: NBCUniversal’s Scott Berger – The growth in e-commerce has spawned a variety of digitally native and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. As those marketers grow, they are developing television advertising campaigns to reach a wider group of potential customers.

Connected Streaming Video Devices Flourish in US – Research from Parks Associates has found that ownership of smart TVs and streaming media players continues to rise with nearly 70% of US broadband households owning at least one streaming video product that is connected to the internet.


The Future of Social Advertising Is Now – As marketers, we have seen a lot of turmoil in the last 18 months—everything from changed consumer behavior to evolved shopping journeys and new privacy regulations. With 2022 here, it’s never been a better time to start investing in social advertising. 

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 – With the effects of the global pandemic and privacy changes to the IDFA on iOS 14.5+ still lingering, 2022 is shaping up to be another transformative year for mobile marketing. Here are a few mobile marketing predictions and trends by Andrey Kazakov, COO, Adjust. 

Pinterest: Brands Must Catch the Attention of Gen Z 0 Brands debut more than 30,000 new products every year, and roughly 95% of them do not see long-term success, according to research from Harvard Business School. How can brands beat those odds? Pinterest suggests courting Gen Z.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.