Maximum Merger

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Today we are excited to announce that MNTN, ad tech’s fastest-growing performance TV platform, and Maximum Effort, one of the rising stars of the creative world, are merging.

We believe the meteoric rise of Connected TV presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring media and creative closer together. The demand for easy-to-use tech and superb, fast-turn creative is certain to climb thanks to an increase in inventory and advertisers new to TV – many of whom can’t afford upfronts. Independently, our companies have embraced and excelled because of our commitment to simplicity and speed. Together, we think the opportunities are endless.

What will change for MNTN and Maximum Effort clients and agency partners? Nothing. MNTN customers will keep getting the same high level of tech, transparency, service, and speed they’re accustomed to. Maximum Effort clients will continue to get the same attention-getting creative work. There will be no mandates. But we do hope you’ll keep an open mind as we grow together because we think the combination of breakthrough tech and creative will be a game changer.

The only thing we can’t seem to agree on is a MNTN-themed sign off. Mark likes “To new heights!” whereas Ryan prefers “See you at the top!”

So for now, onwards and upwards!

Mark Douglas

Ryan Reynolds
Chief Creative Officer