Meet MNTN Matched: A New Way to Find Your Most Valuable Consumers on CTV

Meet MNTN Matched: A New Way to Find Your Most Valuable Consumers on CTV

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For challenger brands with unique products, finding the right consumers can be difficult, and traditional targeting just doesn’t cut it.

For brands with broader appeal, advertisers are faced with high expectations to achieve constant growth — which leaves them no room for wasted impressions.

If Connected TV is going to be a great performance channel, advertisers of all sizes need to avoid waste at all costs and ensure they’re serving commercials to customers who will actually visit their site and purchase their products.

That’s exactly why we created MNTN Matched. Allow our Chief Creative Officer to give you a quick demo alongside Bulova — the innovative watchmaker who aired America’s first TV commercial in 1941. As television pioneers, they were excited to jump into the future with us.

Now that you’ve watched the demo (we assume you did, anyway), let’s drill down a bit more on why we’re so excited for the release of MNTN Matched, and what it unlocks for advertisers.

Unbeatable Performance

MNTN Matched allows advertisers to go beyond traditional TV targeting and match with consumers who will love their brand and take action — all to help drive the best outcomes.

With it, advertisers deliver 6x more site traffic, double the revenue, and half the cost per acquisition than they do with traditional TV audiences.

Complete Control, Thanks to the First Keyword-Based Audience Builder for CTV

Advertisers deliver unbeatable performance with complete control over which households see their ads. That’s because MNTN Matched powers the world’s first keyword-based audience builder for CTV, which lets advertisers match with their most valuable consumers in over 99% of US households based on their predicted shopping behavior.

Need help building an audience? Don’t fret. Generative AI creates keyword recommendations based on your business to make matching simple. From there, you can add and remove keywords, just like you do with paid search.

Predictable Scale With Audience Budget Planning

MNTN Matched uses your keywords to build you an audience broken down into three categories:

  • High Intent Audiences who are most likely to visit your site and take action today.
  • Medium Intent Audiences who are most likely to visit your site and take action today or in the near future.
  • Maximum Reach Audiences who offer an opportunity to grow your brand awareness and growth potential.

Before you even launch your campaign, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend against each category to generate — and predictably scale — performance.

To keep things simple, your budget will automatically get applied to your highest intent audience first — so you’re always optimizing your campaign to maximize your results.

Unrivaled Transparency

While you’re live, you’ll receive real-time reporting with transparent insights all the way down to the keyword level. You can then use those insights to inform strategic optimizations to your MNTN campaigns — and apply them to your other marketing channels.

Ready to Dive In?

We’d love to show you what MNTN Matched can do for your brand and give you the keys to get started.