Mobile Video, Connected TV Recommendations, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Mobile Video, Connected TV Recommendations, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week there has been plenty of digital, Connected TV, and mobile marketing news to stay on top of. Here’s what’s been making headlines in the marketing industry.  

In Connected TV news, Cynopsis Media provided some ideas for those looking to take advantage of the 20% increase in video streaming users over the last few months. These tips include thinking programmatically and making sure to utilize the premium content on CTV in order to protect your brands during this turbulent time. Another article by Videonet recommends incorporating the multi-channel capabilities of Connected TV into your marketing strategies – as at-home viewers are likely to be in front of their desktops, phones, and CTV devices simultaneously. Marketers who take advantage of these recommendations will be more likely to capture the right audiences that lead to conversions.  

And in mobile marketing news, a new report has been released by GlobalWebIndex that covers how the recent pandemic has changed the way people use their mobile devices. The survey found that many people have increased their use of social for staying on top of news – despite the fact that very few of those surveyed found it to be a reliable source. They also discovered that social media has been returning to its roots as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. This news ties into a State of the Industry Report by WARC that has been tracking the increased use of mobile as a marketing channel during the pandemic, especially when it comes to video. According to the report, marketers intend to allocate 50% of their mobile budgets to mobile video marketing in order to capitalize on the success of apps like TikTok.

These topics and more are making waves in the marketing world this week. Here are the top marketing headlines that caught our eye.


10 Categories of Tools to Help Lean Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy – When you’re getting ready to lean more into your digital marketing strategy, you can look through this list of tools for what speaks to you and helps you get to where you need to go. 

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan In 2020 – Here’s how to create a digital marketing plan that aligns your marketing and sales teams, calls attention to any obstructions in your process and assesses performance on a comprehensive scale.

Coca-Cola Adapts Digital Marketing to Our New Pandemic Normal – Coca-Cola is working with retailers to increase the visibility and attractiveness of their products on screens, ramping up SEO, and working with restaurants to make sure its drinks are featured on menus.

What Is Retargeting, and How Can It Boost Sales? – Retargeting, sometimes referred to as remarketing, can improve user engagement with your advertisement and optimize your marketing budget spend. Here’s how to use retargeting for your business.


A Review Of Key Terms And Emerging Best Practices In Connected TV – Recent growth in streaming video viewership around the world has been stunning. As advertisers plan, they should have a foundational understanding of the CTV inventory landscape so they can make common sense decisions. 

7 Tips for Making the Most of CTV Advertising in a Post-COVID World – Even though many parts of the entertainment industry suffered huge losses during the coronavirus quarantine, CTV had a solid uptick in both viewership and engagement. 

3 Reasons Cord-Cutting Could Accelerate in the Second Half of 2020 – Cord-cutting has accelerated through the first half of 2020. A recent survey from Roku reveals three key reasons cord-cutting may accelerate in the second half of the year.

Baseball Linear TV Viewing Down On First Weekend, July Sees Higher Sports Streaming – Through the first four days of Major League baseball’s return, Roku says only 30% of TV households that watched Major League Baseball on linear TV in 2019 tuned in to linear TV baseball this past weekend. 

The long and short of CTV: turning the promise of Smart TV advertising into a reality – There’s still some way to go to perfect the balance between brand and performance. The key to this is developing data and measurement tools that helps us improve TV campaign planning iteratively.


Understanding The Mobile App Development Life Cycle – The increased popularity of mobile devices has resulted in a meteoric increase of apps in app stores. The convenience of using a mobile device has forced businesses and brands to use apps to reach and engage their target audience.

Mobile spend remains fastest growing channel despite COVID-19 crisis – COVID’s impact is being felt across all media channels, but mobile has remained steady at a time when the channel is being used more than ever, with nearly all marketers (94%) surveyed in a new report considering mobile ads effective.

Google unveils About this ad and Ads Transparency Spotlight Chrome extension – Google is rolling out an addition to its ‘Why this ad?’ feature, which enables web users to get more information on some of the factors that were used to target them with the ad, and to choose to stop seeing the ad. 


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.