New Year’s Campaigns, Video Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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New Year’s Campaigns, Video Marketing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week, marketing news sources covered everything from New Year’s ad campaign planning to the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis on the marketing industry at large. In order to make it easier for you to stay on top of the most important stories, we compiled a list of the headlines that caught our eye.

In digital marketing news, COVID-19 has potentially changed the way marketers advertise their brands forever. But according to the 2021 B2B Content Marketing report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), many marketers are confident in how they adapted their marketing strategies to fit this new normal. Around 86% of marketers say that their organizations acted quickly to adjust to the pandemic, and 80% believe that the changes they introduced were effective. Those numbers do leave some room for improvement – especially considering that there is no defined end in sight, and many consumers will likely have changed their habits for the foreseeable future. One way brands can thrive during these tumultuous times is by looking at what works for other businesses. According to, video marketing is the most effective way of reaching consumers, and is uniquely useful when targeting younger generations like Gen Zers and Millennials. They recommend marketers adopt new video content formats and stay on top of new video platforms like Connected TV in order to have the largest impact.

And speaking of Connected TV – while the rest of the world is looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, it’s time for marketers to start planning their New Year’s ad campaigns. This is especially true for those in the fitness, subscription, and sports industries, which benefit from the health-related resolutions consumers make every year. And with COVID restrictions likely keeping many inside into 2021, Connected TV ads are a great option for fitness brands looking to make an impact. A new article on Marketing Land outlines the best ways for marketers to utilize this performance-based channel to have the highest impact – so whether your goal is to bring in new prospects or get interested users to convert, look to CTV to make your New Year’s ad strategy a success.

Keep reading to check out the rest of the articles that made waves in the marketing world this week.


How Firms Bulked Up Their Digital Marketing Strategies During the Pandemic – As expected, the pandemic brought an increase in law firms’ use of and reliance on digital marketing and social media, and they are getting better at it.

Don’t Let Doubt Distract From Measuring Digital Marketing Results – Some marketers consider benchmarking and metrics tracking to be distractions—busy work that takes time away from just getting down to it. But for those who stray away from examining their work face an uphill battle when results begin to falter or best practices shift. 

Why retention marketers are focusing on offline customer engagement – During the COVID-19 crisis, brands should increasingly look to combine offline marketing with their digital efforts to retain customers. 

The Trade Desk revenue jumps 32% to record $216M amid digital ad boom – The Trade Desk gained a record $216 million in revenue in the third quarter from a year earlier as marketers continued to shift their media budgets to digital advertising.

Wake up call for content marketers, COVID-19 is still here – Online marketing professionals are confident that they have dealt well with the COVID-19 crisis and that the ground play hasn’t changed much, but they may face a rude awakening soon. 


Watch: What’s Next for Streaming and the $70 Billion TV Advertising Market? – Ad Age brings together leaders of streaming services, early-adopter brands and agencies to discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities in OTT marketing.

Connected TV strategies to capture New Year’s resolution shoppers – It’s time for marketers to start planning their New Year’s ad campaigns, especially in industries like fitness, wellness, sports or subscription services.

With Upfront Fallout, Questions About Connected TV, Cancellations Remain – The TV upfront market this year is still a mystery – and not just in terms of where new expected media dollars in the calendar year budget land.

Connected TV and the future of advertising – Connected TV, has been hailed as the future of television. Further, a study of the CTV market shows that the number of households with CTV is set to increase by 82% by 2023.

FuboTV Grew Subscribers 58%: CEO David Gandler on COVID-19’s Effects Sports-oriented video-streaming specialist fuboTV delivered an analyst-stumping earnings report on Tuesday evening.  


The implications of IDFA, with ideas and solutions from the gaming industry – Gameloft looks at the likely impact of Apple’s decision to make IDFA opt-in, rather than opt-out early next year, and at the alternatives for advertisers looking to target consumers with relevant, personalized advertising.

HBO releases AR wellness app for ‘His Dark Materials’ season premiere – In an effort to capitalize on surging wellness apps downloads this year, HBO this week released an augmented reality (AR) app to immerse fans of the fantasy series “His Dark Materials” in a virtual world.  

Trends of the Month: Ad challenges, sports and mobile video | WARC – This month: advertising’s winners and losers as the year ends, engaging sports fans during COVID-19 and how mobile video is becoming the focus in Asia.

Twitter launches carousel ads to drive web traffic, app installs – Twitter unveiled an advertising format that lets mobile users swipe horizontally to open an app or website, which they found to boost installs per impression an average of 24% compared with single-asset formats.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.