Online-Video Adoption, Social Media Benefits, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Online-Video Adoption, Social Media Benefits, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There’s been a lot to cover when it came to marketing news this week. To make it even easier for you to keep on top of important stories, we created this list of the most interesting headlines that caught our eye.

In Connected TV news, the pandemic has rapidly accelerated the adoption of online video services by consumers. New research from Park Associates now reveals that 60% of pay-TV subscribers are interested in streaming their favorite shows from an online video service. Their study, Pay TV: Perception, Adoption, and Retention, discovered that the average household has 3.8 OTT services, while households that also subscribe to pay-TV have 4.2 OTT streaming services. This insight seems to indicate that households with an affinity for TV will not only subscribe to pay-TV, but also more OTT services – giving advertisers an incentive to be active on both channels.

And in social media news, Business 2 Community explores the reasons for marketers to make social media part of their digital strategy. Today, in our current technology-driven world, consumers are spending the majority of their day online in some capacity. So while social media used to be just a way for friends to connect, businesses that have no social media presence are holding themselves back from reaching potential customers. According to Business 2 Community, there are many benefits for brands to have a presence on social media, including boosting brand awareness, reputation management, and 24/7 marketing. Ultimately, social media is no longer an optional part of marketing a business, and has become an essential way of reaching consumers.

Here is the rest of the marketing news that caught our attention this week.


How to Future-proof Against the Next Great Disruption in 2021 – Despite the volatility and chaos of 2020, 2021 is going to be the year of future-proofing against the unpredictable. Being caught off guard and unable to keep pace with consumer demand and expectations can’t be repeated. 

Google Search, YouTube Advertising Push Alphabet Q4 Revenue To $57B – Google advertising rose from $37.9 billion to $46.2 billion, which includes a rise in YouTube ads from $4.7 billion in Q4 2019 to $6.9 billion in Q4 2020.

Publishers Are Caught in the Crossfire as Ad Tech Builds Contextual Targeting Offerings – Publishers are finding themselves caught in the line of fire as ad-tech companies, in their search for alternatives to third-party cookies, build out their contextual targeting offerings. 

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 – Digital marketing will likely change in some rather obvious ways after a year that everyone wants to forget. But the impact of last year has affected audience behaviour. So what is 2021 looking like?


Roku Users Don’t Have to Worry About Missing the Super Bowl – Though there’s already been a lot to worry about in 2021, this year Roku’s now 51 million active accounts will have no concerns about losing access to Sunday’s Big Game matchup.

Streaming’s Surge Fuels Frantic Measurement Updates, but a Solution Remains Elusive – If it wasn’t already clear from skyrocketing streaming statistics and the company-wide reorganizations that shook up executive suites across the television industry, streaming is very much the future.

Why CTV/OTT may be this year’s Super Bowl winner – While the Super Bowl will be held in 2021, this year’s game will have a very 2020-esque feel to it. Beyond reduced in-person attendance, how we watch the game will continue to shift toward bigger and more connected television screens.

How to Ensure Effectiveness/Measure Your Brand Campaign Performance on CTV – Knowing how to properly measure and track campaign performance on CTV is how you make it comprehensible and productive in the first place.

Parks Associates: Pay-TV Subscribers are Streaming Movies and TV Shows From an Online Video Service – New research from Parks Associates shows that 60% of pay-TV subscribers (accounting for nearly half of US broadband households) are interested in streaming movies and TV shows from an online video service as part of their pay-TV subscription.


How Social Media Is Failing Luxury Brands – According to luxury marketing consultancy Unity Marketing, social media promotion is far from a surefire way to attract affluent consumers.

10 mobile and digital stats retailers will want to consider for this year’s strategy – The pandemic has further cemented mobile as the centre of people’s lives for in-the-moment information and streamlined conveniences to manage through this extraordinary time. Here are 10 statistics that showcase the importance of mobile and digital marketing.

Are Shoppable Videos the Future of Social Media Marketing?   – This rising video consumption has encouraged brands to invest in shoppable video advertising. Here’s what you need to know.

4 Reasons to Make Social Media Part of Your Digital Marketing – While once the medium for friends to connect, social media now forms an essential part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, not having a presence on social media can hold your business back, preventing you from achieving your best.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.